Wondering Who Una TikTok is? Here’s Profile and Biodata

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There are many people who are already famous through TikTok, for example Ifdhal and Chika TikTok. This time, the social media application that displays these short videos is again shocked by the question who is Una TikTok?

Una TikTok is really going viral right now. The reason is, the content created by him always appears on Fyp TikTok and is watched by many people.

Who Una TikTok is Going Viral?

Who is Una TikTok

His popularity is so high, many people are curious and find out about the real him. So, the question arises, who is this TikTok Una?

Una TikTok or with her real name Nadya Khietna Putri is a influencer Tiktok content. Her face is sweet and adorable so she is easily liked by many people.

The content it creates is also quite entertaining and funny. Makes a lot of people interested in watching his other videos on TikTok. It would be natural, if followers this girl with adorable cheeks has reached 5 million more.

Una TikTok’s Biography

If you want to know more about this girl who is going viral, this time we will present her bio for you.

The girl whose real name is Nadya Khietna Putri was born in Padang on September 9, 2004. She is slightly taller than the average Indonesian girl, which is 166 cm and weighs 52 kg.

This girl who likes to exercise is also a celebrity with a number of followers more than 500 thousand.

Here’s the full bio:

  • Name : Nadya Khietna Putri
  • Origin : Padang
  • Father’s origin : Bukit Tinggi, Padang, West Sumatra
  • Mother’s Origin : Pessel, Padang
  • religion : Islam
  • Born : Padang, September 9, 2004
  • Weight : 52 kilograms
  • Height : 166 cm
  • Hobby : Sports
  • TikTok Account : @mieayamthebest
  • Instagram : @nadyakhtna

Along with the popularity of Una TikTok, many people are hunting for photos of this cute girl. Those of you who are also eyeing her beautiful photos, can immediately go to her Instagram account.

Don’t forget to memfollow Una’s account so you can interact with each other with the activities she shares there.

This is information about who Una TikTok is and a profile about her. I hope this helps

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