Why is the roof of the house in the shape of a triangle?

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When a child is asked to draw a house will place the triangle on top of the square or rectangle. Without realizing it, he has described one of the most traditional house designs, the triangular roof house. But, why is the roof of the house triangular? Come on, read further to find out why!

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In fact, the gable, i.e., the triangular shape at each end of the sloping roof, is considered by architects to be a building Ur, one of the earliest original forms for house roofs.

This is the reason

The first reason why the roof of the house is triangular is because of the ease of construction. Determining the shape of the roof of the house is the biggest problem when designing the roof. Triangles are a strong form of construction. The second reason is that during the rainy season, the two sides of the triangular roof aim to shed rainwater.

Shedding water quickly is the most effective solution so a sloping roof is best. So that the roof is not flooded, which will happen if the house has a flat roof.

Flat roofs tend to require more maintenance than sloping roofs for water penetration. Also, in countries where there are winters, snow can fall so heavily that it accumulates and the snow load becomes very heavy. The steeper the slope of your roof, the less the need to withstand high snow loads.

Due to its triangular slope, it allows rain, leaves and other objects or weather damage to fall from the roof and away from the structure of the house. Basically, the triangular shape is strong and can be said to be easy for people to make. Mathematically, the theorem Pythagoras, not too complicated.

The next reason is because the building material is made in straight cross-section. The most effective form of structures that are assembled from straight sections is triangles, not other shapes such as round or semi-circular shapes.

What’s more, the triangular roof allows you to have a good space for the attic. Well, now you know the reason why the roof of the house is triangular. You can buy a roof for the canopy too.

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