Why is the Motorcycle Exhaust on the Right? Here’s the explanation

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For those of you motorcyclists, you must know that the position of the exhaust is on the right. However, have you ever thought why the motorcycle exhaust is on the right and not the left? Do you guys know the reason behind the position of the motorcycle exhaust? Come on, see the explanation below.

The initial position of the motorcycle exhaust is at the bottom

underbelly exhaust
source: en.wikipedia.org

The first internal combustion powered motorcycle could not rely solely on the engine for power. Therefore, to run them from scratch, they were equipped with pedals. The rider pedals the motorbike off the track, and at higher speeds the motor takes over the driving force.

In this scenario, the engineers had no other choice but to place the exhaust below, just below the engine. This resulted in the pedals on the right and left, the engine in the middle and the exhaust underneath.

Motorcycle Exhaust Mounted on the Right Side

motorcycle exhaust
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A few months after pedal-powered and motorized motorbikes, motorbikes that were powered only by engines emerged. Getting rid of the pedals resulted in massive space savings on both sides. The manufacturer then took advantage of this as an opportunity to remove the lower end exhaust.

The lower exhaust helps keep the center of gravity low, and provides the perfect balance.

Right Motorcycle Exhaust To Avoid Broken roads

damaged roads
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In the early 1900’s, the roads were not well developed, and most of these bikes were ridden off-road. Therefore, the factory decided to install the exhaust on the right side of the motorcycle.

Consider pedestrians

Exhaust fumes will be slightly further from the pedestrian sidewalk on the left so that the smoke will not hit pedestrians directly.

Many sat sideways

sit sideways
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Many women and the elderly sit on the side and it is much safer to lower them to the left.

Balancing the motor

Usually, there is a chain sprocket on the left side and a silencer on the right will balance the mass to some extent.

The habit of lowering the leg on the left

When we learn to ride a bicycle, usually if we want to brake until it stops, first the left foot is free from the footrest. The silencer on the right minimizes the risk of getting your feet exposed to the hot exhaust pipe.

Those are some of the reasons why the motorbike exhaust is on the right. To feel comfortable while riding a motorbike, consider the following product recommendations


In addition to protecting the head from strong collisions, the helmet also serves to cover the face from dust and smoke from other vehicle exhausts.

Motorcycle Mask

With so many motorized vehicle users on the roads, the level of pollution is also a cause for concern. Motorcycle users must take care of their health so as not to breathe too much dust and dirty air due to pollution by wearing a mask.

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