Why is Chinese New Year Identical to Red?

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From red lanterns to red envelopes, have you ever wondered why Chinese New Year is synonymous with red? Legend has it that it all started with Nian, the beast who would terrorize the villagers on New Year’s, eating crops, livestock and even children.

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But the villagers know that this half bull-headed lion is afraid of three things: fire, noise, and the color red. Nian was defeated, and from then on, the color red was considered to bring good luck and fortune to all.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to beat a beast to celebrate Chinese New Year. All you need to do is wear red clothes.

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Chinese tradition

Usually red lanterns are hung outside the door to ward off bad luck. Also the red cutouts that people use as decorations to hang on the walls. If you live near a Chinese neighborhood, you should be able to buy these items.

But if not, go to the internet and order. You can also make your own cutouts. This is the history behind Chinese New Year.

Still, the most popular way to celebrate Chinese New Year is by handing out red envelopes filled with money. However, like the toys under the Christmas tree, some traditions are aimed at children, and the Chinese red envelopes people give them to ward off evil spirits.

Many people use red in all decorations. The red envelopes they gave to juniors and children by married and older ones.

Clothing that mainly features red people usually wear during Chinese New Year because it is believed that the color red will scare away evil spirits and bad luck.

In addition, people usually wear new clothes from head to toe to symbolize a new start in the new year.

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