Who is the FF Plane Pilot, You Know?

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In your opinion, are Free Fire players not curious about who is the pilot of the FF plane? A character that seems very mysterious. Because it always appears at the beginning of the game with the task of bringing players to the battlefield.

The Free Fire game has a significant number of fans in Indonesia. This is supported by the many premium items developed by the developer. Fans of this game stretch from the age of children to adults. From beginners to pro gamers.

One of the curious characters is who is the pilot of the FF plane that is always present in the game. The developer himself has never explained this character so that it adds to the curiosity of the players.

Who is the FF Plane Pilot?

Who is the FF Plane Pilot?

Free Fire players must fight on the battlefield. Of course with the intention to be a winner. Well, it is this character that brings players there.

In FF there is a secret organization that regulates the course of the battle. It is possible that the pilot of this plane was part of the organization.

The identity of this character is not yet known. Even until an incident that shocked players, namely when the plane crashed on the battlefield. Most likely this plane was shot by one of the players while crossing the battlefield. However, the mysterious veil of this pilot has not been revealed at all.

Another cause of the plane crash is thought to be due to resistance and character attacks carried by the plane.

Who’s the Troubled FF Plane Pilot?

Besides being curious about his identity, the players also felt restless when this pilot gave an airdrop. The reason is, the provision of airdrops is not in accordance with the needs and desires of the players. Often times, this airdrop is carried out on hills, tall buildings, fields, and so on. This of course makes the players feel uneasy.

Not a few players hope that Garena, as the developer of FF, immediately replaces the pilot of this plane. The reason is, in several circulating videos, it shows that the pilot does not have sufficient expertise to drop the airdrop properly. Of course this is troublesome for players who need it.

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