White Blank Pre-Work Dashboard? This is the way to fix it

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Flashtik – Prakerja is assistance from the government to cope with the high wave of unemployment due to the pandemic. However, there have been complaints from users because the Prakerja dashboard is white. This clearly makes them panic and even fear that the site can not be opened again.

The last batch of pre-employment registrations closed last week. And there is no certainty when it will be opened again. Those who are lucky to pass are certainly grateful because they don’t have to take the next batch of tests. However, there are still problems in the form of the Prakerja website which sometimes experiences problems.

Why Blank White Pre-Work Dashboard?

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There are some Pre-employment accounts that appear blank or even white. So they are confused, why is the Pre-Work dashboard blank white. But they shouldn’t panic excessively. Because the incentives will still go to each other’s accounts.

There are many reasons for an empty dashboard, one of which is an unstable internet network. Or do not have a strong network power to open a website. Usually this occurs in areas far from cities.

But if the same thing happens to your friends or neighbors, then it’s likely that repairs are in progress. Just wait for a few moments until the repair of the system is complete and can be used again. The dashboard will return to normal as before.

How to Overcome an Empty Dashboard

To overcome an empty dashboard due to signals, you can change to another internet service. Which way Provider offers more powerful network services. If the problem is due to the signal, after replacing it, it will return to normal.

But if the dashboard remains empty even though you have changed internet services, then ask your neighbors. Check if they are also experiencing the same disturbance. If so, it means that there is a system repair on the Prakerja website.

But when there is no system repair, the service network remains strong so your account is indeed a problem. Immediately contact pre-employment customer service at the hotline 08001503001. Or fill out the adyan form at https://www.prakerja.go.id/formulir-penguhan

That’s what causes the Pre-Work dashboard to go blank white and blank. Try to solve it the first way, then continue to the next stage. May be useful.

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