When will MPL Season 8 start, check the info here!

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When does MPL season 8 start has been questioned by many players Mobile Legend game. This is because the national level tournament has been awaiting its presence. The top players who can participate in the tournament will get a lot of prizes.

Not only the participants are looking forward to this MPL season 8 tournament, but the audience is also very enthusiastic. This is due to the presence of the best players following the match. So that the tournament will be exciting and it’s a shame to just miss it.

MPL 5 previously took place in April 2020, followed by season 6 in October 2020. The two tournaments ran smoothly until it was continued by season 7. Season 7 itself took place last April.

When will MPL Season 8 start, check the date

When will MPL Season 8 start, check the info here!

There are many who can’t wait for news when MPL season 8 starts even though season 7 isn’t over yet. MPL season 7 will finish in early May and it will be announced who will win this season. So it is not yet known when the next tournament will start.

However, rumors have started to report that season 8 will indeed begin soon. So players who want to take part in the tournament should make preparations in advance. In order to participate in the tournament that will be coming in 2021.

If you pay attention to the pattern in the previous tournament, it is likely that season 8 will open in October 2021. This result is obtained from looking at the time (the time chosen to hold the previous tournament. However, it is possible that the tournament will be held in another month.

Moonton itself has not provided an official explanation when the next MPL season will take place. So there is no official schedule regarding the 8th MPL when it will start. Although many predict it will be held in October, it is still uncertain. But they promised to release a schedule once it was determined.

You and your team can’t wait to wait for this announcement, there’s nothing wrong with continuing to train and prepare. So, when MPL season 8 was officially announced, everything was so ready. Good mental and also the requirements.

That is the information about when MPL season 8 starts. If you want to follow it, it’s best to practice right away while there is no official schedule yet. Once season 8 starts, you can enter the tournament.

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