What Does Prone Mean in FF? Turns out this is the point

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Para player long time of course you are familiar with the word prone, but different for new players. For those who are just downloading this online game, of course they still don’t know what it means prone on FF. Even though this word is actually heard or pronounced quite often by other players.

No need to worry if you still don’t know the meaning, because in this discussion we will discuss about prone. Both about understanding and how to do it.

What is the meaning Prone On FF?

What Does Prone Mean in FF?  Turns out this is the point

What is the meaning prone on FF taken from English which means prone or prone. Medium para player use the word to describe the situation when you are crawling or crawling. This movement has the aim of shooting the enemy secretly, or an attempt to hide. That is the explanation of what it means prone on FF.

Way to do Prone

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After discussing the meaning now we will explain how to do it prone. The trick is not difficult, just press the down button to do prone in games Free Fire. It is advisable to do this if you are already in an elevated location such as a roof or hill. It would be better if the surroundings were quiet enough.

There are also special tricks to perform prone bugs which can be used to shoot enemies secretly. The location varies, but it can also be done on the roof of a Bermuda area soap house. Climb to the roof of the soap house by using the Gloo Wall as a foothold. So turn off the Internet until your network turns red +999.

In a network service condition that is down you have approximately 30 seconds chance to run fast. Restart the Internet then hide under the roof. This location is very strategic for shooting enemies without the risk of being caught.

Location to do prone bugs it’s not just a Bermuda soap house, an old car, airdrop, piles of crates and various other places. With the right strategy and choosing a good place, kill enemies can be done easily.

That is what we can explain about the meaning prone on FF. Hopefully the discussion about understanding and how to use prone bugs it benefits you. Thank you.

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