What does FF mean in Kpop BTS? Find out in full here

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Maybe some of you have asked, because it’s new to K-pop, which is what FF means in Kpop BTS.

Separately, the meaning of FF is fan fiction. Kpop stands for Korean Pop or a genre of music or music industry in Korea. While BTS itself is a group boy band which is currently being loved by all people in the world.

The popularity of BTS increased when it won the Billboard 100 song date for the first time in 2017. The song that was carried at that time was DNA.

Since then, the group from the country of ginseng has often subscribed to the Billboard 100 for every song they release. Even for his newest song Butter, which was released in 2021, it managed to stay on the Billboard number one throne for 8 weeks. A brilliant achievement that has never been printed by a singer from Asia.

The more who are crazy about these seven BTS members, the dreams about them are created. This is the origin of what FF means in Kpop BTS. Namely, a fiction told by fans about the seven members of BTS.

What does FF mean in Kpop BTS

What does FF mean in Kpop BTS

Besides what FF means in Kpop BTS, there are other terms that are growing in the Kpop world itself. This is para fans use it as a tool to communicate with each other. These terms include:

  • biased. Bias is a term in which a fans really like one of the Kpop members. Good boy band or girl group
  • Leaders. Leader is assigned to one of the members who heads a Kpop group grup
  • Maknae. In a Kpop group, it usually consists of different age ranges. These are sorted from oldest to youngest member group. While maknae itself is shown to the youngest member
  • hyung or sunbae. Is a designation for group members boy band who have an older age
  • Fan Chan. When performing a concert, usually the performers fans has its own chants that are shouted to give encouragement to Kpop groups. This is indeed not limited to concerts, whenever they can shout as they please fans itself. For example, when listening to news about their favorite Kpop group grup
  • Fan Fiction. It’s a term created when they make up stories based on the characters from the group boy band. This term is also often abbreviated as fanfic or just FF.

This is an explanation of what FF means in Kpop BTS. Which group are you currently idolizing? Is it BTS or is there a group boy band other?

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