Want to Know How to Hide Apps on Android? Here’s the explanation

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Not all of the applications contained in smart phones can be accessed easily by others. The reason is, there are some who have privacy or personal characteristics. Usually, applications that are often protected, such as chatting, banking, or personal notes. In order not to be used arbitrarily by others, the following how to hide apps on Android correct.

Hiding with Built-in Features

One of the things that can be done to hide applications from a smartphone is to use the built-in feature. Usually this can be done for Samsung users with One UI Launcher. The stages that must be carried out are quite simple. Where on the home screen, try tapping and holding the screen for a few seconds.

After that, several menus appear and select the home screen settings. If the settings are open, then go to the settings menu then click Display and select Home screen. In this menu, scroll down and tap on the option Hide apps or Hide apps. Just select some applications that you want to hide and tap the Done option.

How to hide applications with this built-in feature can not only be done on Samsung brand Android alone. Because it turns out that this can be done on smart phones running MIUI, more precisely on the Xiaomi brand. First of all, open the Security app menu on the application to be hidden then open the App Lock.

Hide with the Android Launcher

If your smartphone doesn’t have built-in features like the previous explanation. Don’t worry, because you can still hide it with third-party or additional applications. Which you only need to download an application called Launcher Android (Android theme) on the PlayStore. Because of the many launchers displayed, try choosing one.

If you feel confused about choosing the best launcher, then choose Apex Launcher. Make sure this one application has been installed perfectly on your device screen. When it is installed, please follow a few ways to hide the application. Namely the Apex Launcher configuration as you wish. Make sure that the configuration is not too complicated and easy to remember.

After configuration, open the menu and select Apex Settings. On the settings page, you can select the Hide Applications or Hidden Apps menu. Next, tap add hidden apps and select which apps will be hidden from the reach of others. After that, select Hide (number of applications) Apps to save the changed settings.

Automatically, later you will be taken to the application page that has been successfully hidden. This stage indicates that you have completed everything. The downloaded launcher, in addition to hiding applications, is also useful for making Android’s appearance cooler. But the drawback is, the cellphone battery will run out quickly.

Hide with Hide App

If you don’t want your battery to run out quickly because of Launcher, there’s no need to worry. You can still use Hide App, which is one of the applications that is often used to hide several applications on Android. The method is quite easy, namely, download and install Hide App on the Play Store first. After downloading, immediately open the application.

The Check ROOT Available window will automatically appear. Please select Later only, because you don’t need to root your smartphone. If you have entered on the start page, click the plus button in the lower right corner. Check the apps you want to hide. That way, how to hide the application has been successfully done.

Some of the methods described above can actually be used for all types of Android. Even for this type of iPhone, you can hide applications using the built-in features that are on the cellphone. Of course, the method to be done is different but still easy. This kind of way is very powerful to protect all things privacy in certain applications.

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