Want to Get the Oriental Maiden PUBG Mobile Set With a 90% Discount? Here’s How

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If you pay attention, PUBG Corporation is currently launching a very interesting new set. Named the Oriental Maiden PUBG mobile which you can buy at an affordable price.

If judging, this set actually has a hefty price, which is 1,500 UC or around Rp. 330,000. However, in order to boost sales of this new set and allow more players to enjoy it, this set is discounted at 90%.

You will also need this Oriental Maiden PUBG mobile set to participate in an event. In this event, you are required to complete the missions in this set.

Oriental Maiden PUBG Mobile

Oriental Maiden PUBG Mobile Set

The Oriental Maiden PUBG Mobile set is a set taken from a female character from China.

This set is dominated by black and blue colors and makes the characters in it look very sweet and adorable. There are also cool sneakers in the same color as the oriental set, making your character look even more stunning.

As for getting this set, you only need to go to the Shop menu. Then head to Treasure and buy an Oriental Maiden Gift Pack.

Oh yes, just for information, the Oriental Maiden PUBG Mobile set discount is only valid until June 29, 2021. So, if you want to buy it at a cost of 150 UC, make a purchase immediately before the promo time ends.

Complete Missions in Oriental Maiden PUBG Mobile

Currently, PUBG Mobile is holding a Traverse event. In this event, you must complete a mission in which one of the missions is required to use the Oriental Maiden set.

To complete the Traverse event, you must enter the event menu. Then, select the Limited Exclusive: Collect menu. From here, you will get many missions to complete.

For example, for the completion of this Oriental Maiden set. The mission ordered is Complete 1 match while wearing Oriental Maiden or complete 1 match when using Oriental Maiden.

In completing this mission, you are required to buy the Oriental Maiden set. Use this set and complete all the missions as instructed.

If you are able to complete the missions in this event, of course you will get attractive prizes and it’s a shame to miss.

That’s the explanation about Oriental Maiden PUBG Mobile. Remember, don’t miss it to buy the set before the promo ends

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