Unlock 10 PUBG Patrol Robots To Complete Mission Ignition

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At the moment PUBG is rolling out new features for users games this. Its name is PUBG patrol robot and PUBG Air Conveyor.

The launch of the PUBG patrol robot and PUBG air conveyor features is also accompanied by a Royale Pass mission related to these two features.

The patrol robot itself is shaped like a dog that can make you able survive during the match.

This patrol robot will later be scattered in several random locations and perform spawn.

In addition, if you activate the robot patrol feature, you will be helped to find useful items during the match.

How to Activate PUBG Patrol Robot in Royale Pass

How to Activate PUBG Patrol Robot in Royale Pass

On the Royale Pass mission, precisely in the second week, you will be asked to activate 10 Patrol and Protection Robots. This mission is called Mission Ignition.

For those who have already activated this feature, of course completing the mission will not be a problem anymore. However, the case is different for those who have never used it. It must be very confusing.

To be able to activate the PUBG Patrol Robot, you must first know where their location is. Every match their location varies. But you can detect them by checking through mini folder.

In mini folder The presence of the Patrol Robot is indicated by a small white dot. Do a wishzooman if you want to see their whereabouts clearly.

Complete the Mission Unlock PUBG Patrol Robot

Complete the Mission Unlock PUBG Patrol Robot

To complete the mission to activate Robot Patrol, these are the steps you must do.

  1. Play with Evoground Mode
  2. When you enter the game, open mini folder. Pay attention to the white dot
  3. If you have headed towards the white dot and have arrived there, and found the Patrol Robot, click the Activate button
  4. Find 10 more Patrol Robots to complete the mission

That’s an explanation of the PUBG Robot Patrol and the missions you have to complete. May be useful

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