Unique Facts of the Lotus Flower and Its History

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The lotus flower unique facts – not only beautiful, the lotus flower has an interesting history and unique facts. This one flower is often symbolized by human life you know!

History of the Lotus Flower

Even though they often see it in tropical countries, who would have thought this one flower came from a pyramid country you know, yaps Egypt. There are objects that have lotus ornaments and were used for traditional ancient Egyptian ceremonies. The lotus is given the nickname Nymphaea in Latin, because the lotus was brought to Greece an offering of Nymphs.

Apart from the history, listen let’s go unique facts about the lotus flower below.

Has Various Benefits For Health


Besides looking beautiful, this flower also has many health benefits you know. Lotus flowers can accelerate menstruation, prevent gum infections, treat diarrhea and obesity.

Has a variety of flower colors


In fact, lotus flowers can grow in rainbow colors, such as pink, red, purple, orange, yellow and blue. The tropical lotus variety will have a jewel color (purple, orange, bright blue, and yellow), while the hardy variety that lives in the four-season region usually has a pastel hue.

July is the best time


The lotus flower is closely related to the month of July, because it is the symbol of the summer flowers. July is the time when the lotuses bloom well and are very beautiful. Each flower can last about four days before sinking into the water and rotting.

Has Many Types of Lotus


There are more than 50 species of lotus, varying in shape, size, color, aroma or bloom pattern. The largest lotus flower comes from South America, especially Brazil. There are also lotuses from the Amazon which can grow to 1 – 1.8 meters in diameter and weigh 30 kg.

Role in Water Ecosystem


The lotuses rest on the surface of the water, the flowers and leaf pads provide shade over the water, keep the water cool and prevent the algae from overgrowing. The lotus also helps protect the fish swimming under it from the hot sun and birds of prey.

Buddhist and Hindu symbols


Lotus has a special meaning in Buddhism and Hinduism. For Buddhism and Hinduism, the lotus symbolizes resurrection, this is because this flower closes at night and opens again in the morning. Beautiful blooming flowers emerging from the dark and dirty mud are believed by Buddhists to symbolize enlightenment.

Well unique yeah Ruppers, for those of you who want to bring a lotus accent to your home, take a look let’s go 2 items in the following.

Artificial Lotus Big

Use artificial lotuses to enhance your home decor. This flower has pink insah color and leaves that beautify its appearance. In addition, this artificial plant is also equipped with a pot. Suitable for those of you who don’t have much time to care for native plants.

Artificial Lotus Small

Give a natural touch as a decoration sweetener to the room, one of which is by presenting an artificial lotus plant. This artificial plant in the shape of a lotus flower is equipped with a potted container that makes it easy for you to place it on the table or in the corner of the room. In addition, this plant does not require special care.

Not only unique and have many meanings, the presence of a lotus plant can provide a decorative accent. Complete the need to bring a lotus accent to your residence with a special offer only at Ruparupa.

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