Twinkling Apk Money-Making Applications, Here Are 5 Ways To Use It

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Twinkling Apk Money Making Application

Flashtik – Now many sites that offer ways to earn money instantly. One of them is the Twinkling apk money-making application. The first time you enter this application you will get IDR 20,000. That money can be used as capital to play.

To earn money on the Twinkling application, you have to follow the games in it. One of them is by breaking eggs. Just press the crush button to crack the eggs. Then wait a while, the commission will go to your account.

On the Twinkling app there is a hammer option to break eggs. Each hammer has a different price tag. The more expensive the hammer you use, the more eggs you can crush. So that the commissions you get are also getting more and more.

How to Download Twinkling Apk Money-Making Applications

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Are you curious about how to get money on this site? Below will explain how to download the Twinkling Apk money-making application. From how to download to how to register entry. Consider the following explanation.

Sign up

The first step is to register with This link will automatically get you connected to the registration page.

Enter Number Mobile

After successfully entering the registration page, the next thing to do is fill in the data. The data requested here is in the form of your mobile phone number only.

Enter Password

The next way must enter a password. For this password we recommend using a combination of numbers and letters. The goal is not to be easily broken into by other parties. Enter the password twice.

Verification code

Once you have successfully entered the password, there will be a verification number or code. This code appears from the right side of the screen cellphone or desktop computer. If the invitation or verification code does not appear, then use this code CEG8XB.

Download the app

After entering the invitation code, you will be prompted to download the application. This Twinkling Apk cannot be found on the search for the playstore or the iOS app store.

These are the steps that must be taken to download the Twinkling Apk money-making application. However, it is not recommended to do top up with high value. Because it is prone to fraud like other applications. Hope this short article can help you.

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