Twibbon Dino Couple, Use Twin Dino Frames With Couples

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During the PPKM level 4 period, the level of creativity of netizens also seemed to increase. After yesterday’s social media was enlivened with the victim’s twibbon ghostg, move on and Gammon. Now here comes the twibbon Dino Couple which is no less interesting.

Twibbon Dino Couple is indeed presented for those who are being hit by bucin. Only to match with the partner when using it on social media profiles.

Anything can be done, right, when we’re busy. Moreover, just using a twibbon couple with a partner. Moreover, the image embedded in this twibbon looks cute and adorable.

Download Twibbon Dino Couple

Twibbon Dino Couple, Use Twin Dino Frames With Couples

For those of you who are in love and want to try using this Dino twibbon, we will recommend some links about this theme. Of course we chose the Twibbon from the popular to the really interesting.

At least, the link that we will share later will make it easier for you to go directly to the twibbon. No need to do time-consuming searches.

Here are some Dino Couple twibbons that we recommend:

We have selected the twibbon list above from our version of the interesting twibbon. The resulting images are also cute and adorable.

Dino Couple Twibbon Editing Tutorial

Dino Couple Twibbon Editing Tutorial

If you have chosen one of the Dino Couple twibbons that catches your attention, it’s time to apply it to your social media profiles.

As for how to edit the twibbon and combine it on your photo and your partner are as follows:

  1. Click the Dino twibbon link that you like
  2. Press on the Choose Photo button, then select your photo that you want to use on twibbon
  3. Make adjustments so that your face position fits on the Dino
  4. After you feel that your photo is right, press the Next button. Then wait a while
  5. A Download Photo button will appear and you click on that section
  6. Finished. Only the twibbon that you download is installed on your social media profiles

Well, it’s easy, isn’t it, to make a Dino Couple twibbon. Invite your partner to use the same twibbon frame, so that you look harmonious together.

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