Try the Benefits of Shopee’s Scar Blood Moon FF redeem code

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Gamers true sure know games phenomenal Free Fire. Well it turns out that Shopee is holding a free FF event. An event that will allow you to get the Redeem code for the FF Scar Blood Moon Shopee. By obtaining this code, you can get the Scar Blood Moon gun skin weapon for free. Curious about event held by Free Fire in collaboration with Shoope, you must read the following review.

How to Get Shopee’s Scar Blood Moon Redeem Code for Free

Try the Benefits of Shopee's Scar Blood Moon FF redeem code

How to get Shopee’s FF Scar Blood Moon redeem code through the Shopee Free Fire event is slightly different. Usually, which is usually the distribution of this redeem code can be entered freely by anyone as long as the code has not been expired.

For this time, the redeem code that is shared cannot automatically be used, each Free Fire player is different in getting the code. So other people will not be able to use the redeem code, and vice versa.

So how to get the redeem code is quite easy. Here are the steps you need to follow in order to get a redeem code event the

Check the details of the event first Redeem Code for Shopee’s Scar Blood Moon FF

How to Get a Free Scar Blood Moon FF Redeem Code from Shopee

Before that, you have to check the details event this. Read carefully the terms and conditions event, so that later it is not confused in following event this. If so, switch to the News menu. Please choose option “Shopee Gun Skin Blood Moon”.

Enter the Shopee Application

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The Shopee Gun Skin Blood Moon event is an event given to users of the new Shopee application. So for longtime Shopee account owners, it’s best to create a new Shopee account, so you can get the Scar Blood Moon weapon.

Enter the Blood Moon Shopee Gun Skin

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First look for “Free Fire” in the column search Shopee, a logo will appear, namely “Free Fire”. It appears at the very top of the search results. Well, after that go to the “Shopee Gun Skin Blood Moon” menu.

Click the icon “SHARE NOW”. Share the events held by Shopee on your social media accounts. If so, go back to the previous page. Later, the message “You have successfully got Gun Skin Scar Blood Moon” will appear. Just click the “Claim Your Code” option, then click “Claim” again. If the Scar Blood Moon code appears, just copy and exchange it

Garbage is not the way to get it Redeem code FF Scar Blood Moon Shopee? Don’t forget to invite as many friends as possible to take part in this event. In order to enjoy new weapons together while playing.

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