Tips for Choosing Bpa Free Drinking Bottles for Families

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BPA free drinking bottles, drinking itself is a basic human need to support the survival and running of metabolism in the body. This is because nearly 60% of the human body consists of water.

So we have to keep the body from becoming dehydrated or lacking water. The way this is done is to meet water intake, namely by drinking water as much as approximately two liters a day.

Sometimes, because of the activities we undertake, we often forget to meet our drinking needs. This is certainly not good if it is allowed to continue. Carrying a drinking bottle as a provision wherever we are is a solution so that our body’s water needs are fulfilled. Then how to choose a good and healthy drink bottle for us and our family?

Tips for Choosing Bpa Free Drinking Bottles for Families

1. Choose based on the material

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We cannot choose a drink bottle carelessly. The first thing we have to pay attention to is that the drink bottle must be safe for our health. Is the drink bottle safe for drinking or is it dangerous. Because the bottle is directly related to the water we are going to drink and enter our bodies, this should be a major concern.

Whether a drink bottle is safe for the body or not, can be determined from the material for making the bottle. Safe drink bottles, of course, are made of good materials and are free from hazardous materials. There are several good materials that can be used as recommendations for choosing a drink bottle. Good materials for drinking bottles are:

Glass bottle. Glass drink bottles have both advantages and disadvantages. The advantages it has, this bottle is safe for our drinking water because it does not contain harmful chemicals. In addition, glass bottles also look more artistic because they look clear, look clearer and also cleaner. The downside, glass bottles are not very high temperature resistant. So that the color of the bottle will fade and even break when exposed to heat.

Plastic bottles. Drink bottles made of this material are the type that we encounter a lot. Having a smooth texture, light weight, available in a variety of beautiful and bright color choices, and not easily broken, make drink bottles from this material in great demand. What needs to be considered is, you should choose a drink bottle from a really good plastic material. Cheap plastic materials are usually at risk of containing dangerous chemicals.

2. Choose based on its use

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Tips for choosing the next drink bottle that need attention is to choose based on its use. Before buying a drink bottle, you should first confirm the use of the drink bottle. Is it a place to drink at home, as a provision to go to work, for children to go to school, or be used as provisions for recreation? Because each model of a drink bottle has its own function and use.

A drink bottle to drink at home, of course, is not the same as a drink bottle that is taken as a provision for work or on trips. At home, you can use an ordinary drink bottle, without a handle or rope. When going to work, usually a drink bottle is equipped with a rope or handle, and the tutu is also different.

It is also different from drinking bottles for children. Children’s drink bottles, usually have attractive patterns and colors and depict the children’s favorite characters. There are also different bottles of drinks for children at home and what they bring to school. For at home it is enough just to hold the handle, but for supplies to school it is usually equipped with a rope.

3. Seeing the model, shape, and how to drink

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Nowadays, there are many different models of beverage bottles. Usually the bottles have different mouth shapes. From the shape of the bottle’s mouth, the way to drink it will be different. There are those who have wide mouths and drink by drinking directly, some are equipped with a straw to make it easier to drink. Customize with your choices and needs.

Of the many tips on choosing a good and right bpa free drink bottle for you and your family, you can get all of them by visiting In this shopping place you will be spoiled with a wide selection of bpa free drink bottles with various attractive models and shapes. with your favorite choice. You can also choose drink bottles with quality materials which are certainly safe for your health and that of your whole family.

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