Tips for Choosing a Good Yoga Mat

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The sport of yoga today has a fair share of fans and there are great yoga mats. Sports that are identical to training the concentration and flexibility of the body’s muscles do have enormous benefits for the body. Starting from improving blood circulation in the body, training muscle strength and flexibility, getting rid of toxins in the body, increasing concentration, and forming a better posture.

In practice, this yoga sport requires an equipment, namely a mat. The mattress is a base commonly used in sports activities. Sports that usually use mats for example are floor exercises and yoga. Both types of sports are known for their movements that allow body parts to be in direct contact with the floor. That is why this sport requires a base like a mattress.

Mattress function

As previously explained, the mattress is a base commonly used in sports such as yoga. Because as is known, this yoga sport is a sports movement with movements that allow the limbs to come into direct contact with the floor. For that we need a base, namely a mattress with the aim of protecting so that the body parts are not directly related to the floor.

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With this description, it can be concluded that the mat in this yoga sport serves to protect the limbs from being directly in contact with the floor from possible injury. By using a mat, you can also avoid the possibility of slipping, slipping, which is caused by the movements performed in this yoga sport.

The yoga movement itself is a very varied movement. There are various movements that are carried out, ranging from sitting, lying down, supine, standing, to reverse body movements. Thus it is very likely that accidents will occur such as sprains, slips, slips, etc. So the mattress used here must be able to protect the body parts from possible injury due to these movements.

Mattress material

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The mattress itself is made of various materials. Usually each material has a different function. For that, in choosing a mattress, you must first determine what the mattress is for. In addition, you also have to know the characteristics and properties of each material for making the mattress. So that later you can get a mattress from a material that really suits your needs.

For the purposes of yoga, you must choose a mattress that can protect your limbs from possible injury. The parts of the body that are commonly injured are the wrists and feet, knees, and also the spine. Yoga movements that are varied, must also be considered in choosing a mattress material. Materials for making mattresses include.

  1. PVC. This PVC material is a material for making mattresses at the most affordable prices. Mattresses with this material are very easy to find on the market. The advantages of this PVC material besides being cheap are the many and attractive color choices. However, this PVC material is susceptible to water, a little hard, and has a distinctive odor that is at risk of allergies.
  2. NBR. This mattress material has the advantage of a soft and flexible texture. Thus this material is very suitable for yoga because it can protect body parts from possible pain and injury due to direct contact with the floor. Unfortunately, mattresses with this material have a fairly high price on the market.
  3. Rubber. Seeing the material, rubber mattresses have the advantage of having high flexibility, soft or soft, strong, anti-slip and anti-slip, and environmentally friendly. The weakness of this material is that the material is quite heavy so it is less practical to carry anywhere. In addition, rubber can also cause allergies in certain people.
  4. Microfiber. This mattress material is the most widely used mattress material. It has the advantages of a soft, dense, water-absorbent texture so it avoids the possibility of slipping due to sweat. In addition, this microfiber mattress has many bright and attractive color choices. Unfortunately, the mattress from this material has a slightly thin thickness, so it cannot protect the body from the hardness of the floor.

Tips for choosing a good mattress

After knowing the mattress materials with their advantages and disadvantages, then you can choose a mattress that is suitable and good for yoga. For yoga, you can choose a mat with the following tips:

  1. Has sufficient thickness, so that it can protect the body parts from the hardness of the floor.
  2. Made of material that can absorb water quickly, so it can absorb sweat and avoid the possibility of slipping.
  3. Has a soft texture so it doesn’t cause blisters on the skin.
  4. Made from ingredients that do not cause allergies for the user.
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