Tips for Choosing a Beautiful Sofa Bed Cover for a Minimalist Room

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Beautiful sofa bed covers for mother’s sofa have been widely sold as a sofa bed cover for mothers so that they are not easily damaged and are durable. Besides being able to be used as a place to sit and gather for the family, the sofa bed can also be used to sleep and relax while watching television or listening to music in the mother’s living room.

When the mother receives guests, the sofa bed can be folded and used as a sofa as a regular seat. And it can also function very important, when there are relatives staying overnight and there is no bed available for the siblings who stay overnight. Minimalist sofas can be used as a solution when there are relatives staying at the mother’s house with limited beds in the mother’s house.

With mothers having a sofa bed in the family room, the mother’s family gathering activities become more comfortable and also relaxing, because they can gather while lying on the mother’s sofa bed. But the most worrying thing is of course the mother’s sofa bed will quickly be damaged if it is often used as a family gathering place.

Sofa Bed Cover is a solution for mothers to keep it from getting dirty and damaged quickly. Mothers can choose a beautiful sofa bed cover design and color with a bright and attractive pattern that makes your sofa bed stand out in your living room. Moms can also choose a contrasting color that comes from a dominant and prominent color in the living room or mother’s room.

Sofa bed cover will make your sofa bed more attractive and beautiful, of course. The sofa bed cover will also support the aesthetics of the mother’s house. Moms can use a sofa bed cover as an alternative option in filling an empty corner of the room to make it look more attractive and proportional.

Even more unique, a beautiful sofa bed cover for your mother’s sofa can also add to the function of the room to make it more attractive and cheerful. For example, for a house whose house is minimalist in size and does not have enough room for the bedroom and living room.

Mothers can use the concept of a room that is quite open by making a bright and beautiful sofa bed cover as a separator for the minimalist sized room. Moms can also choose a sofa bed cover that has bright and cheerful colors so that the room doesn’t look cramped.

Mothers, of course, don’t want the sofa bed of mothers who have bought them at high prices to get dirty and damaged quickly just because the mother is not painstaking in caring for it. To take care of the sofa bed, the mother can cover the sofa bed so that it doesn’t get damaged and dirty.

For sofa beds made of cloth, mothers can use a cleaning liquid to clean the stains that stick to the sofa bed, mother. You can also use vinegar as well as liquid detergent. Mothers just drip a little vinegar and then let it sit for a while and clean the mother’s sofa bed using soapy water.

Moms can also use detergent mixed with warm water to clean your sofa bed. In cleaning it in one direction and turning on the vacuum at low or light strength so that the top dust is perfectly fine, you can also use a wet tissue when there are water plants on the sofa.

Sometimes there are stains on the sofa that are stubborn, to overcome this you can use a special paste for cloth sofas. Where this type of paste can be purchased at a household cleaning supply store. By using a soft bristled brush and brushing it on the sofa so that the fabric sofa fibers are not easily damaged.

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Care for a leather sofa is different from a sofa made from fabric, on a leather sofa, you can clean it with a vacuum cleaner. Where a vacuum cleaner can clean this leather-type dofa to the inside of the sofa. Use a vacuum cleaner that is shaped like a pipe with a small tip so that it reaches the inside of the folds of the mother’s leather sofa.

Can also clean leather sofas using a damp cloth. Use a soft cloth, and wipe the dust that sticks to be careful too so that the skin is not scuffed. Give a little pressure when wiping the leather surface of the sofa. Leave the sofa that has been wiped with a damp cloth and let it dry itself, do not dry the leather sofa, so that the skin color does not fade quickly. .

There are also special sofa cleaners dedicated to leather sofas if necessary. There are so many cleaning fluids for leather sofas on the market and available that mothers can choose and according to household needs. Mothers also have to remember, to always use a moisturizer made from special ingredients for leather sofas. This is important to keep the skin moisturized and not easily dry and cracked.

Example: Sofa Material Microfiber

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Next, sofa beds made of microfiber also need special care. In cleaning this type of sofa from the dust that sticks to it by preventing the buildup of dust which can be congested and dangerous to health. A sofa made of MicroFiber, if allowed to accumulate dirt, can cause shortness of breath due to dust or itching due to irritation.

Mothers can check the sofa material by looking at the W or S code where the code means, namely for the W code, which means that the material can be cleaned using only water. And for the S code means that the sofa is cleaned only with a special solvent and avoid using it with water. The sofa can be cleaned using alcohol in cleaning the mother’s sofa.

Sofa bed made of microfiber is better on the surface so that it is always dry. Because if it is exposed to water spills, then the mother must dry it using a hairdryer. Attempt to set the drying level at the lowest level, not too hot because it will damage the material.

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Of course, the mother doesn’t want her beautiful sofa to be damaged by dirt and irritate the skin, causing itching. So that moms don’t have to buy new sofas all the time, you can use regular sofa bed and sofa covers. Where now there are so many choices of this sofa bed cover, by visiting, mothers can get around without the need to buy a new sofa.

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