Time Capsule 515 Mobile Legend, Here’s How to Get It

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Mobile legends is one of the most widely played online games and we are looking forward to the surprises. Various events are held with surprise prizes such as the 515 mobile legend time capsule. This of course makes many players and users curious. These prizes can be obtained at the 515 e-party mobile legends event by the players. You must be curious about the contents of the time capsule, especially since the news is quite shocking.

Mobile Legend 515 Time Capsule, Contents and Epic Skin Prize Event

Playing online games such as mobile legends is currently the choice of many smart phone users. Moonton is a developer or developer of games, always bringing new things. Of the various events that have been held, Moonton always gives a surprise gift to the game players. No exception to this event, where many players or players are waiting for the prize they will receive. A time capsule that was eagerly awaited his presence.

Event after event has been prepared by the legendary mobile online game developer. As with events that have been held before, with the latest skin prizes. However, it will be different this time where players will get a different surprise from before.

Time Capsule 515 Mobile Legend, Very Shocking Contents

Time Capsule 515 Mobile Legend, Here's How to Get It

At the Time Capsule 515 Mobile Legend event this time, all players were surprised and disappointed because what was received did not match expectations. If usually the prize from an event is a skin it turns out that it is different from 515 e-parties. The time capsule that was thought to contain a skin gift turned out to be a letter. A letter containing thanks from Moonton to all Mobile Legends players who have been loyal so far. This of course is beyond the expectations of the players or online game players.

However, don’t be too sad because at the 15 May 2021 event, Moonton gave another surprise to treat the disappointment. An event that will give prizes in the form of free Twilight tickets. You will get this prize when you play the event on May 15, 2021. A free elite skin for those of you who are lucky in the event. The mobile legend 515 time capsule is the beginning of excitement because there are prizes at the next event. Free elite skin by collecting 515 racecar points 212.

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