This is the Reason for the Interesting Mall Money-Making Application Error

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Flashtik – Currently, money-making applications are increasingly circulating in the community. Some have been blocked by the OJK, some are still standing. One application that can make money is Interesting Mall. Have you heard of this application?

Interesting Mall is not booming like Vtube, which was recently banned by the OJK. Although what the two have to offer is not much different. Namely, only by using the application will be able to generate rupiah coffers.

Recently, the Interesting Mall money-making application is getting a warm conversation. The reason is, this application suddenly has an error when used. There has been a lot of speculation that says that there has been scamming or fraud by the developer.

How to Download Interesting Mall Moneymaking Applications

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If you try to find Interesting Mall applications through the Play Store and App Store, it is a futile act. The reason is, this application can only be downloaded via a browser.

If you are interested in joining this application, the first thing you have to do is register yourself first. You can access the site to apply for self registration.

After the registration is approved, you will be directed to download the Interesting Mall apk application. Install the application on your smartphone, follow the instructions, and use it to earn income.

How to Use Interesting Mall

Actually, the features in this application are simple and easy to use. However, before using it, you are required to make a deposit if you want to play on this application.

Later, the deposit will be used to complete mis-missions given by the provider of this application.

After the mission is complete, there will be a feature that asks you to choose between ganji and even cards. One card will be able to double your deposit, while the other card has a zonk value.

Interesting Mall Application Has Error

When the application and the Interesting Mall website experience an error and this is not just for a moment, many are worried that the company is scamming. However, this was immediately denied by the company.

They said that the cause of the error occurred because the company was maintaining the site and application. This is proven when the company continues to pay withdrawals for users.

If you look deeper, actually the Interesting Mall money-making application looks like a money game. Because you can lose money in a moment or get money many times over. It’s not like a lottery.

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