The news of Lord Abdul TikTok’s death, shocks many people

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The world of TikTok is constantly making uproars that have gone viral. After yesterday TikTok was shocked by the viral news of NotNot for photos with exciting poses, this time social media is excited with sad news. Namely, regarding the news of Lord Abdul TikTok’s death.

For TikTok users, the name Lord Abdul must be familiar. He is also a respected and respected figure. Moreover, the content that is carried is about the world of education. Mainly teaching English content.

The news of Lord Abdul TikTok’s passing was certainly a shock to many. Especially the followers Lord Abdul, both on TikTok as well as on Instagram.

The man who founded the Kampung Inggris community died on July 28, 2021. Many condolences were said by fellow content creator and also TikTok and Instagram users.

Lord Abdul TikTok Passes Away: Here’s His Profile

Lord Abdul TikTok Passes Away: Here's His Profile

After all, Lord Abdul’s departure was so sudden and swift. Previously, this man from Proboliggo tested positive for Covid and died from this virus.

Before his departure, the man whose real name was Abdul uploaded his last video on TikTok on July 14, 2021. In one of his videos on the same date he showed a photo that said Tired. Could this be his farewell?

For those of you who usually know Lord Abdul by his stage name, let’s get to know him more closely. Here’s his profile:

  • Real name: Abdul
  • Stage name: Abdulism or Lord Abdul
  • City of origin: Probolinggo, East Java
  • Age: Unknown
  • Islam
  • Profession: Content creator and teacher
  • Instagram account: abdulism_kampunginggris
  • Youtube Account: Abdulism
  • TikTok Account: @abdulism_kampunginggris

Besides being content creator and teacher, Abdul also has an English course. The name of the course is Abdul and The Theory Course and is located in the city of Pare, Kediri.

Lord Abdul TikTok News Dies

Lord Abdul TikTok News Dies

The sad news of Lord Abdul Kampung England’s departure was first reported through his social media account. Be it through Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.

After his passing, many missed the man who gave English lessons in this unique style.

Until now, condolences regarding Lord Abdul TikTok’s death are still pouring in. Even this saying is trending on TikTok.

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