The MVP MPL Season 7 Prize Turns Out The Amount Is Fantastic, Check Here!

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After yesterday, Mobile Legend fans were preoccupied with the question, “When will MPL Season 8 start?” Now, they are again shocked by the MVP MPL season 7 prize which has just ended.

As is well known, the main champion for MPL season 7 has been won by Evos Legend.

Evos Legend’s victory deserves to be recognized. The reason is, the struggle of this team is not playing games. Moreover, every match that takes place is not exactly easy. Although in the end, this was passed by holding the title of champion.

For this victory, many have questioned, how many MVP MPL season 7 prizes will Evos Legend receive?

Are you curious too? Stay tuned for this article, yes.

Winner of MVP MPL Season 7

The MVP MPL Season 7 Prize Turns Out The Amount Is Fantastic, Check Here!

It has been announced above that the winner of MVP MPL season 7 is Evos Legend or Evos Luminaire. However, before the victory was achieved, Evos had to beat the team from Bigetron Alpha or BTR first.

The two of them met in the grand final to fight for first place.

The BTR team had to admit their defeat after the Evos team won by a difference of 4-2 points.

BTRs have to acknowledge their position with heart just by being runner up. And Evos is delighted by their victory.

Not to forget they would like to thank those who have supported their team a lot. Also, be grateful for the victory given.

MVP MPL Season 7 Prizes

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Both the BTR and Evos Legend teams, for their victories, of course, get prizes.

Not a few questioned the MVP MPL season 7 prize they received. Because, at the time of awarding the title on the podium, the two teams were only seen getting trophies and placards. The amount of money they received was not visible. Either symbolically or mentioned by the committee.

This is the subject of questions and guesses among the people gamers regarding the number of MVP MPL season 7 prizes.

MVP MPL Season 7 Grand Prize

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Based on the information we have obtained, it is reported that the nominal amount of money that Evos Legend gets is USD 300,000.

If converted into rupiah, the money they receive is around 4.3 billion rupiah. They deserve this nominal value, given the struggles they have been doing so far.

Apart from this victory, the Evos Legend team also had the opportunity to represent Indonesia in the international arena.

This next event is truly prestigious, because it presents many representatives from various countries in Southeast Asia, namely MSC 2021.

According to the plan, the MSC or Mobile Legend Southeast Asia Cup 2021 will be held on June 7 to 13, 2021.

That is the explanation regarding the MVP MPL season 7 prize. You are not curious anymore, right?

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