The Latest Original YG WA GB 2021 Has Been Released, Here’s How to Download and the Right Place

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The latest original WA GB YG is one of the applications that includes Whatsapp in the mod version. There are various features offered in the application compared to the usual WA features. Therefore, not a few have switched to the original WA GB.

There are some people who may still be confused about how to use the original WA GB application. How to download it and so on. Therefore, the following is a complete explanation of the application.

About the latest original YG WA GB Application

The Latest Original GB WA GB 2021 Has Been Released

Many people have switched from the original Whatsapp application to Whatsapp GB. When you start looking for the application in the play store, many GB applications will appear that can be downloaded. So it’s confusing which is the original GB application that actually provides a variety of interesting features.

Actually there is one site that provides the latest original YG WA GB application link. Even the site also provides an older version. The name of the site is

How to Download and Various Features In It.

GB Whatsapp has released the latest update, to make it safer, download the application on the site. Open the site and scroll down until you find Select The Version. Click the green button that says Download Apk which is located at the top for the latest version.

When you want to try the older version of the GB application, scroll down and click Download now. Please note that the newer the updated version, the more features you will get. These features are summarized in the following explanation.

  1. Online status can be hidden so that it is not visible to other users.
  2. Whatsapp themes can be changed at will and freely.
  3. Can see the status of others without being noticed.
  4. Can read messages that have been deleted by the owner.
  5. Besides being able to hide online status, it turns out that the latest version can also hide blue ticks.
  6. Can upload videos with a duration of up to 7 minutes

That’s a complete explanation of the latest original YG WA GB application with various features that can pamper users. The existence of the latest version will make a difference with the others. So, immediately download through the site to get the really latest version. May be useful.

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