The Difference between Clean Air for Health and Unhealthy Air

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Clean air for health is the main need for humans to live. Living things, especially humans and animals, need oxygen to breathe. The air that humans need to breathe is clean air, so that the lungs of humans that breathe clean air can work properly and the air circulation in the body runs well.

Talking about air, it turns out that there is a type of air that actually makes the human body unhealthy, of course that air is dirty air.

Well, this article will discuss the difference between clean air for health and air that is not good for the health of the human body. In addition, we will also find tips on how to keep clean air circulating in order to keep it healthy.

The Difference between Clean Air for Health and Unhealthy Air

1. Clean Air for Health

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Clean air is air that contains many benefits for humans, especially for human health. We really need this air to breathe so that it is healthy and does not carry harmful particles that can have a bad impact on health in the future.

Clean air turns out to have specific characteristics. Among other things, it is colorless, odorless, tasteless, there are no foreign particles in it, cool, fresh when inhaled, serves as a therapy for the human body.

Clean air can still be found in areas that have a lot of green plants. Because green plants are in contrast to humans where plants breathe in carbon dioxide and give off clean oxygen.

Clean air is also easy to find in rural areas away from the hustle and bustle of cities, pollution from both vehicles and factories. It is fortunate that people who live in rural areas can still breathe clean air freely.

2. Unhealthy Air

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Then, we turn to some of the characteristics of air that is unhealthy or dirty that is harmful to human health. Of the many characteristics or signs of unhealthy and dangerous air, it is the presence of carbon dioxide in a high enough amount.

The presence of carbon dioxide in the air is high enough that we can feel it when we feel short of breath when we breathe in air. That means, we don’t get enough oxygen to breathe. Also, usually dirty, unhealthy air smells bad. These odors can be caused by pollutants or harmful substances in the air.

Another characteristic is when you feel stuffy or have difficulty breathing in a certain place. This stuffy air is caused by the exhaust gas mixed with the combustion gas, usually the ambient air temperature will increase.

The last thing is that you will easily experience eye irritation if you are in an environment with poor or even bad air quality. Air mixed with various pollutant substances or particles can cause your eyes to be red, watery and itchy.

3. Maintaining Clean Air for Health

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You already know the characteristics of clean air and polluted air, both of which are of course different from both the characteristics and the benefits for body health. It was mentioned above that clean air for health is still easy to find in areas where there are lots of green plants and villages, what about those who live in urban areas?

You don’t worry, because currently there is an air purifier that can clean and maintain the quality of the air at home and in your office so that it is kept clean. Some air purifiers such as dehumidifiers can reduce or remove harmful particles such as mold, fine dust, carbon monoxide, allergens, bacteria, cigarette smoke and even viruses.

The existence of this air purifier can be a solution to get clean air even though you live in an urban area. In addition, using a mask when traveling, especially on roads where there is a lot of air pollution, can be an option to protect yourself and your health.

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That was the difference between clean air for health and air that is not healthy. May be useful!

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