The Chika TikTok Problem on Twitter, What’s the Real Story?

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Chika TikTok issues on Twitter has become a trend lately. Social media Instagram is also busy talking about it. Those of you who do not know whether or not you may ask: who is Chika and what is the problem?

The first thing you should know, TikTok is indeed a social media application where people are free to express themselves. In some posts, Warganet uses it on purpose or does not offend others. Especially if the users are well-known people in the digital world.

Chika TikTok Problems on Twitter and Their Beginning

The Chika TikTok Problem on Twitter, What's the Real Story?

Before discussing the Chika TikTok issue on Twitter, first know who he really is.

Chika is a famous person through the TikTok application. His fame started with the act of dancing using songs from Papa Chulo. If you want to see it in action, look up and pay attention to the Chikakiku account.

His followers are written as 7,8 M. So it is natural that all his actions are closely followed by the public.

Well, recently this celebrity born from cyberspace has indeed been plagued by unpleasant issues.

The issue varies. What is clear is that Chika is associated with many other TikTok celebrities or celebrities. Among those with whom he had the most trouble with were Ansell, Zize, and Shafira. Some TikTokers (the name for someone who uploads a video on the application) are also reported to have problems, although they are not big.

The problem with Zize is due to boyfriend problems. It was rumored that Chika was cornering her fellow Tiktokers.

Meanwhile, with Ansell, it was said that Chika launched a slander. He said that Ansell often check in in a hotel with a number of men.

Several other TikTokers also reported that Chika was a problematic person because she often badmouthed each other, either because she was jealous or it was true.

No one knows for sure the truth about the Chika TikTok issue on Twitter. There has been no clarification from the various parties involved. Only netizens are already busy discussing various existing problems.

From Chika’s side there was also no statement whatsoever, even though her account had been attacked by many people who felt disappointed.

If Chika’s case is true, no one knows why Chika did the things that became the problem.

Chika TikTok issues on Twitter should be a lesson to many. Don’t be easily swallowed up by various issues until you know the truth.

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