The Benefits of the COVID-19 Vaccine For All Ages

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Information about the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccine is very important for the public to understand to fight the existing doubts. Especially with the news in the media that makes a sense of concern arise.

So it is better for the public to be wiser in responding to news that is widely spread. Also understand further, that the COVID 19 vaccination program in Indonesia has greater benefits, when compared to side effects or post-immunization follow-up events (AEFI)

For that, let’s find out what the benefits of the Corona vaccine are that far outweigh the side effects, based on the official website of the American Center for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC).

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What is the Purpose of the COVID-19 Vaccination?

Covid vaccine benefits
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To suppress the increasing number of cases, the government strongly encourages the massive COVID-19 vaccine program for the community. Although it raises the pros and cons of many parties.

However, as good citizens, we must follow the government’s recommendations and understand further the benefits of this COVID-19 vaccine so that we can be more confident when participating in this program.

Preventing severe COVID-19 symptoms

Covid vaccine benefits
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In a question and answer document regarding the implementation of the COVID-19 vaccination, which is found on the official website of the Directorate General of Public Health (Kesmas), the Indonesian Ministry of Health (Kemenkes), it is explained that this vaccine, which aims to weaken the Corona virus, does not make us 100% immune from infection. exposure to this dangerous virus, but will reduce the impact that arises if transmission occurs

Provides extra protection while on the move

Covid-19 vaccine goals
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It is not impossible that you are one of the people who can spread the Corona virus to others. Because many cases of patients infected with the corona virus do not feel any symptoms.

As a form of anticipation, you must follow the COVID-19 vaccine program, which can prevent the transmission of the Corona virus because it can form herd immunity or herd immunity.

In order to have maximum immunity experts say it takes at least 70% of the population to achieve this group immunity.

Stop the spread of covid-19

Vaccine goals
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The function of the vaccine is not only aimed at breaking the chain of disease transmission or stopping an outbreak that has already occurred. But it is also useful for eliminating disease in the long run.

Let’s stop the spread of this virus together so we can get back to normal activities!

Protecting the next generation

Explain the purpose of giving vaccines to the body
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According to the Mayo Clinic, one of the goals of COVID-19 vaccination is to prevent the entry of viruses that can replicate and mutate more resistant to vaccines.

By taking this step you can reduce the rate of Covid-19 infection, break the chain, and can protect the next generation from the long suffering of this disease infection

The benefits of COVID-19 to form antibodies

The Covid-19 vaccine provides antibodies to the body
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In the previous point, it was written that getting the Covid-19 vaccine did not make people 100% immune to the Corona virus. However, it is proven to be able to form an antibody response for a better immune system

This is evident from a new study by scientists at Rockefeller University, New York, United States, which shows that there is an increase in the body’s natural resistance to SARS-C0 V-2.

Protecting people who have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus

COVID-19 vaccination will protect covid survivors
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Even for people who have been infected with the Corona virus, it has been proven that vaccination provides extra better protection in the future. Because we will never know the possibility of transmission that may still occur in the future.

Reporting from medical xpress, scientists have tracked the evolution of molecules found in the blood of COVID-19 patients, finding that those who have been infected previously and then received the COVID-19 vaccination have better natural immunity, including the new variant of the latest variant of the COVID virus that has emerged.

Remember it’s better to prevent than cure and don’t let you regret it later!

Reducing death rate

Covid 19 Vaccine
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Of course, we all know that currently many people are recovering from COVID 19, but there are also many who cannot be saved. This condition is very sad and painful. Then are we going to be silent?

To reduce the current death rate, vaccines are one of the most effective efforts to tackle the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Minimizing social and economic impacts country

Minimizing the social and economic impact of the country
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It is no secret that Indonesia’s economic and social sector is experiencing a significant decline. This happened because one of the reasons for the decline in state income was due to limited economic activities.

However, we can together help rebuild our nation’s economy, by participating in the mutual cooperation vaccination program, which is a government program to reduce the spread of Corona virus infections. So that when people already have a good immune system, activities can return to normal

Can socialize more freely

Social distancing
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Yes, after receiving the vaccine, of course, you can reduce the risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus. But don’t misinterpret that you can visit family, friends or relatives who have been vaccinated freely.

Because until now we still need to do social distancing or keeping a distance from other people, which is one of the health protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Don’t be careless and make sure to obey the 3M government rules wear masks, wash your hands and keep your distance

Benefits of COVID-19 for provide long term effects

Covid-19 vaccine effect
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Is the COVID-19 vaccine effective in protecting us in the long term? to answer this question let’s refer to the research results of a Professor from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Suzzane, Judd, Ph.D.

He said that giving the COVID vaccine could have a long impact. As well as being one way to control and overcome infectious diseases that can cause worse health problems

That is proof that the covid vaccine is able to increase the body’s resistance and immunity against the Corona virus which turns out to provide many benefits. Indeed, post-immunization follow-up events (AEFI) can happen, but don’t worry because what usually happens is mild symptoms such as pain at the injection site which will disappear after 1 to 3 days

Although there are other symptoms that can arise such as headaches, fever is also normal and you can take medication to relieve it.

So after reading this article, hopefully you can join the government program to get the COVID-19 vaccine schedule as soon as possible. Because we are doing this for the common good, be it for our families, the next generation and of course our country so that we can quickly recover from the impact of the existing pandemic.

Oh yes, one more thing, don’t forget to always pay attention to your health even if it’s only from home. start eating foods that contain sources of vitamin D which can strengthen the body’s immune system. In addition, do regular health checks using an oximeter, blood sugar test, blood pressure, and oxygen concentrator from Sowell that can provide accurate results for users.

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