Take a peek at how to deal with expired WhatsApp without needing an update

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Lately, most Android-based smartphone users prefer to use instant messaging applications instead of using SMS. This is because this one application is much more practical and doesn’t cost too much. One of the applications is WhatsApp. But how do you deal with WhatsApp expired? Check out the reviews.

Update or Update WhatsApp

Basically, all applications on the Google PlayStore always get updates from the developer in order to improve the services provided. What’s more, if there is an application that is well-known and has been downloaded a lot by its users, it will definitely need an update every time. The chat application called WhatsApp did not escape this.

Every time there is an update, WA will experience an increase both in terms of features for use to security aspects. Not a few of these updates are effective at attracting public attention, especially among loyal users of this one application. If this update is not carried out immediately, there is a concern that this application will expire or cannot be used again.

How to deal with expired WhatsApp can be the most appropriate solution if this happens to your favorite smartphone. First of all, enter the Google PlayStore application first. Then in the Search column, you can type the WhatsApp application. Wait until the search process is complete, if you have clicked to open it.

Then you can tap the green box that says Update to update the application. Wait a few moments until the update process is successful. When it is 100 percent complete, the application is automatically in update mode. You can also check again whether the problem at hand has been resolved.

Resetting the Smartphone Date

Maybe there are still many who don’t know, if the date settings on Android smartphones generally follow the SIM card used. The SIM card provider will automatically set the zone where you live. For example, if your domicile is in Jakarta, the time setting will be automatically set to follow the time zone in Jakarta.

For that, resetting the date on a smartphone can be the most appropriate way to deal with expired WhatsApp. The first thing to do is to open the Settings menu on your Android phone first. Then swipe down and open the Additional Settings menu. In this menu, you will be presented with several setting options.

Try tapping the Date & Time option, then you can reset the date and time manually. Or you can do another way, namely by restarting the automatic date and time settings. In this way, the time on your favorite smartphone will change according to what has been previously set.

After replacing it properly, you can reopen the chat application to check it. Actually, the reason why you have to change the date and time on this smartphone is because these settings can change without the users realizing it, especially you. If this is not immediately realized, it is feared that some applications will have an impact.

For example, in this popular chat application. This results in an inaccurate date setting and an expired message. Of course this will be very troublesome for those of you who want to do an instant message, either sending or replying. So, how to deal with this one expired WhatsApp can be the best choice.

Maybe many people are asking, why do expired WhatsApp have to be resolved immediately. You need to know, if this is not handled immediately, it is feared that you will feel annoyed by the appearance of expired messages continuously. It could even make this instant messaging application unusable at all.

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