Streaming So Slow? Here’s How to Speed ​​up the Most Effective Internet Connection

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In an increasingly sophisticated era like this, the internet plays a very important role in human life. How could I not, all activities now depend on cyberspace. So no doubt every gadget is equipped with advanced features that can access the internet properly. So that your surfing activities are always smooth, see how to speed up your internet connection.

Checking and Cleaning Frequently Visited Websites

The first thing that must be done so that surfing activities in cyberspace is smooth is checking and cleaning websites that are often visited. This must be done because a browser in a browser will always store cookies, cache, and history. Which of these three things is a collection of information about the website visited.

The buildup of cookies, cache, and history in the browser will cause the connection to be blocked and stagnant. For that, it is recommended to regularly clean these three things at least once a month. In this way, the internet connection on your PC or laptop can run properly. Besides being useful for laptops or PCs, this one method can also be applied to gadgets.

Not Opening Too Many Tabs on One Browser

The next way to speed up your internet connection is to avoid opening too many search tabs or websites. Usually this happens because you don’t want to close a page so you don’t lose the information implied in it. As a result, you open a new tab to find additional information.

However, the pile of open tabs in one browser causes the connection to get stuck. Of course this will greatly affect the performance of the device being run. To fix this, try opening tabs that are considered important. Try not to open tabs that contain the same information at the same time.

No Origin Adding Add-Ons to the Browser

There are times when hardware users like laptops or PCs use add-ons just to make the browser look cooler. But who would have thought, this turned out to be bad for internet connections. This method of speeding up your internet connection is here to prevent hardware crashes or errors that can adversely affect surfing activities.

What’s more, if you mess around with the settings too often on the browser’s about config page. Actually this is not too bad, but if it is done by ordinary people who still don’t understand the arrangement, it will certainly cause a problem. That is, the performance of the browser on the hardware browser will be slower.

Paying attention to the modem so that it is not too hot

One of the tools used to provide services in the form of virtual world access is a modem. Typically, the modem is connected to hardware such as a laptop or PC to make it easier for users to use the internet. But using it too long, will make the modem work hard and the temperature becomes hot.

If the modem temperature gets very hot, it is feared that it will have an impact on the internet connection on your device. For that, make sure that you always pay attention to how the modem is each time using it. Or how to speed up another internet connection, namely by turning off the PC or laptop in use and removing the connected modem.

It is no longer common knowledge that human life cannot be separated from surfing in cyberspace. Where in their daily lives, of course everyone will access certain things both on social media and on other website pages. The number of routines that he does, requires adequate connections as well.

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