Spin the Money-Making Wheel Game, Get Money the Easy Way

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The hunters for nickels from games and apps, who want not only to have fun, but also to earn a living. This time we will introduce again to you the money-making games that are being loved. Spin the wheel money-making game name.

Previously we also wrote about the King Coin game which claims to be a money-making game. Only with capital smartphone and the simple way.

Yep, this money-making game of Spin the Wheel does have a very simple game. Only with your fingertips, the money has been successfully obtained. Without bothering to strategize or punch a lot of screens in playing the game. Just do spin or spinning wheel in game application.

Spin the Money-Making Wheel Game

Spin the Money-Making Wheel Game, Get Money the Easy Way

Many people dream of getting money easily. Especially while working on a hobby. Likewise game lovers, who want while playing to earn income.

Perhaps, because of this, today many gaming applications offer this. Do not miss this Spin the Wheel game.

As the name suggests, the game Spin the Money Making Wheel only requires its users to spin the wheel to get money. It’s so simple to do. It really does not require energy and takes up the mind.

For those of you who are interested in trying out the Spin the Wheel game application, you can directly download it via the Play Store. Has a file size of 53 MB and was first released in February 2020.

How to Play the Money-Making Wheel Game

Spin the wheel money-making game

For those of you who have downloaded the Spin Wheel Game, when you enter the application you will immediately find a wheel that can be rotated,

In the middle of the wheel, there is a Spin button.

To play, you only need to press the Spin button and wait for the wheels to stop spinning.

When it stops, a marker will show a nominal token that you got. This token can be exchanged for a number of points. From the points that have been collected, later you can exchange it for a certain amount of money. Value for money is determined based on the number of points collected.

Apart from collecting points, you can also share the referral code with your friends. Invite them to play via the link you have or enter the referral code.

How to Change Money in the Wheel Spin Game

If you have collected a lot of coins and are ready to do withdraw, but don’t know how? Check out the steps below to make money withdrawals in the Wheel Spin Game.

  1. Click on the left button with the arrow, so that the application menu appears.
  2. Click on the Redeem Points menu, then enter the number of tokens that will be exchanged for points
  3. Then, press the Redeem button. This will make the Tokens that are redeemed into points
  4. To be able to withdraw money, you must collect a minimum of 5,000 points
  5. Exchange points by pressing the arrow button on the left screen. Select the Cash Out application menu. Enter the nominal you want to withdraw
  6. So that you can get the money withdrawn, associate your Spin the Wheel game account with a Paypal account

For those of you who want to know how safe it is to play this game, it’s actually not certain. There are some player those who succeeded in making money withdrawals, there were also those who failed.

Most of them are constrained when doing it withdraw. Even when doing the right exchange steps.

After all, it took a very long time to accumulate a minimum of withdrawal points. According to one account that plays the money-making game Spin the Wheel, accumulating 5,000 points can go up to one year. Though, there are so many ads to watch while doing spin.

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