Smaller appearance, here’s how to change the Xiaomi cellphone theme with ease

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The launcher theme is one of the things that plays an important role on a smartphone, especially for those of you who want to make it look cooler. Because of this, nowadays there are so many phone manufacturers that offer a wide selection of themes with very fashionable styles and models. So how do you change the theme of the Xiaomi cellphone? Come on, follow the steps below.

Changing Themes on Xiaomi Phones

You need to know, if the smartphone released by one of the leading technology companies in China called Xiaomi is the flagship smartphone that most people are interested in. How not, the company has provided various interesting and very helpful features for its users.

One of the important features on this mobile phone is the launcher theme. Maybe on some smartphones, root is required first. But this will not happen for this famous smartphone. Of course this will be very beneficial for every user, right? What’s more, the method that must be done is very easy.

This will be even more special because there are not many smart phones that can be customized like how to change the Xiaomi cellphone theme. What’s more, some other smartphones to be able to enjoy many themes have to prepare more money to buy them. Unlike the case with this cellphone from China, which can browse as many themes for free or for free.

Unfortunately, to be able to do this you must have an MI account first. If you already have an account, then you can do various other easy steps. But because the required theme must be downloaded, so that your favorite smartphone must be connected to the internet or Wifi. After connecting, first open the Settings menu.

Then scroll down and go straight to the Themes menu. Here, you can see a wide selection of themes with a very attractive appearance and of course mode. If the theme that is presented is still not attractive, try typing keywords in the search field. After finding it, please select Download and then click Apply.

Wait until the theme can change as desired. How to change the Xiaomi cellphone theme will be declared successful if the theme changes according to your choice. Actually, the themes provided are divided into several options. For example, trending that people often use, on your way according to your taste, and so on.

How to Customize Xiaomi Themes

If changing the theme is still not enough, then you are obliged to customize the theme. Which way this one turns out to be quite easy to do, but for them new users will find it difficult. Why? Because to be able to customize the theme, it is recommended that you change the region to India first.

The first step that must be done is to enter the Settings or Settings menu. Then scroll down and look for an option called Themes. When entered into Themes, continue to enter the Personalization menu at the bottom right. Next continue by selecting Customize Themes. Here, you can choose from tons of customization modes.

Starting from Key Styles, Status Bar, Icons, Fonts, Trays, Animations, Call Pads, Messages and Boot Audio. Choose which mode to change the display. If so, then you just have to tap. Automatically changing the Xiaomi Hp theme will be applied to the options you have selected. This step can be applied if you want to change other modes.

Changing the theme is actually a must-do if you feel bored with the default theme from the company. Some of the methods mentioned above can be done for all smartphone versions of this well-known Chinese technology company. Whether it’s for users with old or new MIUI, these stages are not much different.

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