Safe Stainless Steel Spoon For Health?

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Stainless steel spoons are often the choice of dining equipment for families. Not only because of the beautiful design but also safer.

But it turns out that the fact that many products do not use the best materials, and follow the standards are actually dangerous which can contain cancer-causing BPA!

CPA or bisphenol-A is hazardous chemicals that are usually present in the manufacture of food containers and hygiene products. This type of chemical can mimic estrogen and other hormones and interact with certain cell receptors that promote the development of breast, ovarian, and prostate cancer and the potential for other dangerous diseases.

Thinking in terms of health, it is time for you to turn to tableware made of safe and quality materials, one of which is quality stainless steel.

Are Stainless Steel Spoons Safe?

The answer is yes, but again not all of them are safe to use.

This is because consumers must be aware that food equipment brands from different manufacturers, of course, are made in different ways. In addition, there are also various compositions and qualities of stainless steel.

Some cutlery uses an alloy composition of stainless steel combined with various metals, which contain chromium and nickel which are not completely good for the body.

Medically, the body needs a little chromium, which usually comes from a healthy diet. However, the body also cannot accept large amounts of nickel, as it can cause heavy metal poisoning.

How to Know which spoon is safe to use?

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A stainless spoon can certainly be seen from its quality, because high-quality equipment is made of materials that are much safer for health.

Simply put, if high quality ingredients are able to withstand heat, do not react with food, peel or leach harmful chemicals into food.

As a measure for itself on stainless steel there are some numbers to watch out for like 18/10. Useful as an indicator for the content of chrome and nickel. The higher the levels of the two, the better the resistance to heat and rust. Although the price is usually a little more expensive. But isn’t your health much more important than just money?

Note, many equipment are sold at low prices, as they generally replace nickel with nitrogen or manganese whose materials are sold at low prices. However, this causes the price and quality to also decline.

The reason why many producers avoid using better nickel on their own is simply because they want to cut the cost of the raw material and be able to sell it at a lower price.

Seeing this fact, which one does Ruppers choose health or money?

Tips for Choosing the Right Stainless Spoon

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Use the 18/10 indicator to indicate the chromium and nickel content. As well as a sign that this equipment is food grade, that is, it is safe and will not transfer or transfer harmful substances to food.

At Ruparupa we offer only high quality Stainless Steel spoon sets, and provide a safe cooking alternative for pan and other pans. With good maintenance the equipment can function for a very long time.

Besides that, the Ruparupa platform, which is the official online store of ACE Online and Informa, also always puts quality first. The combination of the best materials, made from premium materials. The strength of this alloy is what keeps it the same even though it has been through the washing process.

Treatment of Stainless Spoons

After discussing a few health facts on stainless spoons let’s move on to care tips stainless steel spoon correct.

Use a cleaning tool made of delicate materials, which will not scratch the stainless steel surface. Clean the surface carefully, so as not to compromise the integrity of high quality equipment.

If there are stubborn stains, you can use toothpaste, scrub and dry. Meanwhile, to keep the utensils shiny, use water with a mixture of vinegar, then scrub with a sponge and rinse.

Those are some tips you can take to keep stainless steel spoons in good working order.

To find out the price of a stainless spoon and get food grade quality that is safe for health, trust everything to Ruparupa which provides various types of tableware made of quality materials.

We also provide various minimalist kitchen sets that can complement your home more comfortably. Trust all your needs to Ruparupa.

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