Room Decoration Wall Hanging Recommendations

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Room decoration wall decoration is one of the important elements that will beautify your room. Besides that, wall decoration, room decorations are also classified as one of the elements that are inexpensive and can change your room drastically.

There are many choices of room decoration wall hangings at according to the theme of your room. If you want a nice change of mood in your room, starting with a bedroom decor wall art is one of the best ways.

So what are you waiting for? Now you don’t need to waste any more time and don’t need to be confused about how to decorate a good room. Here are some recommendations for room decoration wall hangings that will make your room look like new and give you some excitement when you are in the room.

Room Decoration Wall Hanging Recommendations

1. Industrialist Wall Decoration

Arthome 36 × 11.5 Cm Metal Love Wall Decoration

Industrialist room decorations usually carry monotonous colors and tend to be grayish. Apart from that it is also dominated by metal base material which makes the room look like a warehouse in a fun way.

This industrialist decoration is widely used in various modern cafes because it is considered favored by young people and creates a very chic impression and makes the room feel more modern.

You can use industrialist decorations such as writing made of wire or photos that carry a gray tint. With this industrialist decoration, the room will feel comfortable just like a modern cafe.

2. Shabby Chic decorations

Umbra Wall Hanging Feltra Flower

Shabby chic decoration is basically a type of decoration that carries a combination of modern and classic.

The shabby chic decor doesn’t make a room look old-fashioned but it’s also not too modern so it still has artfully curved corners. Shabby Chic decorations can be implemented using wall hangings that have bright and soft colors like white and pink.

Usually, wall decorations with the theme of shabby chic can carry soft colors such as those made with watercolors and use objects around the house such as cacti, cups and so on.

3. Rustic Wall Decoration

Wall Decoration 40.5 × 40 Cm Words Xcm25

Like wall decorations with an industrialist theme, rustic decorations are also favored by various modern restaurant and cafe owners.

Because this rustic decoration makes the room look more artsy and also makes it look warmer. Rustik is a design that carries an old school concept but is not too classic to make the room boring.

Rustic decoration uses more wood elements, including wall decoration. Raw wood wall decoration with soft colors will give a very friendly rustic impression in your home.

After using this rustic wall decoration, you don’t need to bother covering your bedroom walls with wallpaper because the price tends to be more expensive. You can also put various kinds of furniture that use raw wood to strengthen the rustic impression or use furniture that has a monotonous concept such as minimalist furniture in white.

4. Geometric Wall Decoration

Arthome 30 × 30 Cm Metal Branch Wall Decoration – White

Geometric is often liked by many people because it makes rooms look more modern and also look less boring.

This geometric decoration is favored by young children or young couples who want a room with a minimalist concept. This geometric wall decoration carries pictures of rigid shapes but is colored in such a way that it looks like the pictures that pop up and pop out of the wall. This concept is very interesting when combined with dark hexagonal floors such as black or white.

Geometric wall decoration is not suitable when combined with motif wallpaper. It’s best to just leave it as is or if you want to paint it, just paint it a single color to give your walls a strong geometric message.

5. Bohemian Wall Decor

Wall Decoration 50 × 20 Cm Gents 18

The Bohemian concept is also favored by young people and is often used as decoration for cafes or for spaces such as libraries. Bohemian gives a very free impression, making us feel like being welcomed by warm friends.

Not only on furniture or on component components such as carpets and bed linen, you can also feel bohemian nuances through attractive wall decorations. wall hangings show a strong bohemian concept with the use of earthy colors and ethnic decorations.

Those are the various kinds of room decoration wall hangings that you can choose to transform your room and make it more lively. You will not feel bored after using wall decorations as mentioned above.

Do you want a wide collection of attractive room decoration wall hangings? You don’t need to be confused about where to look. Just go to to find room decor wall hangings with various concepts and change your room right now.

Staying in the room all day is no longer boring with room decorations that match your soul.

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