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The denser the population, the higher the need for housing, especially the room dividing curtains. A house with a minimalist design is an alternative choice for many families to deal with this situation. With a limited land area, the home owner must be able to arrange a residence that can meet the needs of all the space needed.

To get around the limitations of the area of ​​the house, home owners must try to be able to arrange for the room to function without giving the impression of being cramped in the room. One of them is to use the curtains as a room divider. Home decorations that usually function as window coverings can be used in this case.

Benefits of curtains as room dividers

At first, the curtain is one of the home decorations that serves as a window covering. Here curtains are not only a window covering, but have other, more complex functions. For example, as a filter for light from outside that enters the room, as privacy so that the room in the house is not visible from the outside, and also as an element of art that gives beauty to the room.

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During its development, the function of the curtains was getting wider. Apart from functioning as mentioned above, curtains also have another function that is no less important, namely as a room divider. The function of the gorge as a room divider is usually applied to homes with a minimalist design, where the house has a limited space.

As a room divider, the curtains here function like walls that separate or limit one room from another. What distinguishes the room wall is, the curtain is a room divider that is not permanent. Because the curtains can be opened and closed as needed. Thus the curtains will keep the room spacious and airy and have many functions.

Re recommendations Choose the appropriate space dividing curtains

In choosing curtains, there are several things that must be considered. This is because here the curtains are a room divider. Of course, the home owner expects the function of the curtains as room dividers to be fulfilled properly. In addition, because these curtains are a temporary barrier, they must also be able to function easily, without losing their main function.

The things that need to be considered in the selection of curtains as room dividers, for example, from the color, the material, and also from the design. Choosing the right curtains in terms of color, material, and design, will make the desired atmosphere in a room fulfilled. Conversely, choosing the wrong curtains, will make the room you want to be unattractive and even lose its main function.

The following are recommendations for curtains as room dividers that you can apply. By paying attention to several things, for example in terms of materials, colors, and designs, you will be able to create the room you want, without giving the impression of being cramped and cramped in your minimalist room.

Bedroom and work space divider. For minimalist home owners, they must be able to make the best use of the room. In a private room, sometimes it also functions as a work space. To separate the room into two rooms in your private room, you can work around this by using curtains as a barrier.

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Here you can choose curtains made from semi blackout. The fabric is not too thick but it is enough to create a separate workspace from your bedroom. In addition, the semi blackout material is easy enough to move without wrinkling easily. Choosing pastel colors will make you feel relaxed and comfortable to continue your activities late into the night.

Choosing curtains as a living room divider requires a lot of consideration. This is because its function as a place to receive guests, as well as its location in the front, of course requires precision and some considerations. For example, by paying attention to the color, size, type of material, so that later the living room will still look clean and beautiful even though the curtains are installed as a barrier.

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In terms of color, you should choose curtains that match the color of the walls in the living room, and match the existing ornaments in the living room, for example, match the color of the sofa. If you want the impression of the room to still look spacious, choosing white is the right choice for your minimalist living room.

Room divider for kitchen and dining table. For minimalist home designs, the dining room and kitchen are common. In order for your dining room to look clean, you can use curtains to limit your kitchen. The choice of curtains with semi-plastic materials will make it easier for you to clean the curtains from kitchen dirt. Color choices can be tailored to the tastes of your family.

You can get a complete selection of curtains as a room divider at There are many choices of curtains ranging from materials, motifs and designs that you can choose according to your room needs. Prices vary, from the cheapest to the exclusive prices you can get with guaranteed quality.

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