Recommended Guest Room Door Curtains Under 1 million

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The living room is often the main highlight for your guests, for that the room must look more beautiful with the living room door curtains and neat than the other rooms. One of the efforts to beautify the room is to give an accent that is not too prominent but when viewed is much more beautiful and neat. This is to give the Room Door Curtains in the corner of your living room that is connected to other rooms.

Of course, the living room door curtains will be beautiful because of the accents you have given. Even more so if you are good at mixing and matching the colors of your curtains and living room. if the balance will look neat.

For this reason, if you want to give a different accent to your living room by giving Room Door Curtains, then choose a color that matches or fits your living room, besides that, choose a motif that is not too crowded, with too many or crowded motifs, it will be seen not tidy. For that, choose a motive that is a little or regular.

Recommended Guest Room Door Curtains Under 1 million

In the following, we will provide recommendations for Room Door Curtains for you. You can put the recommendations that we provide according to your preferences, it can be in the living room, or even in your room. In addition, we will provide recommendations of good quality and affordable.

1. Set of Curtains 135 x 250 CM Jacuard 190t 2 Pcs

Curtains 140 × 250 cm Set of 2 Pcs Chenille Jacq 1321

This room door curtain has a size of 135 x 250 x 1 cm, made of polyester so it will be very easy to install and will be very easy to clean. If you buy this type of curtain, it will certainly add a beautiful decoration element to your living room.

Actually, you can put these curtains on the window Living room or your private room. but suitable when used on the door of your room. these curtains have a very good quality and good quality. the price of this room door curtain is around 530 thousand only. quite affordable right?

2. Curtains 140 x 250 CM Set of 2 Pcs Chenille Jacq 1321

Curtains 140 × 250 cm Set of 2 Pcs Chenille Jacq 1321

This very beautiful curtain will be able to beautify your room, with a size of approximately 140 x 250 x 1 cm with a polyester material consisting of two curtains. This curtain has a very beautiful color, so it can adjust to all spaces including your living room. you can also place these curtains on your windows. These curtains have a price of around 850 thousand. Affordable enough for this very good quality item.

3. Curtains 140 X 250 CM 2 Pcs Jacquard 224

Curtains 140 × 250 cm Set of 2 Pcs Jacquard 224 – Beige

These curtains are able to provide privacy to your living room, besides that these curtains are very easy to install, you also have 2 copies with a size of about 140 x 250 x 1 cm, so they are not too big and will be suitable for your bedroom door. these bedroom door curtains are made of poyester and can be cleaned very easily.

You can get these curtains at an affordable price, which is only around 472 thousand, very affordable right ?. for the quality of these curtains do not ask again. Because indeed the quality is very good and good. guaranteed you will not regret to have this room curtains.

To get Room Door Curtains with good and good quality, you can open the online shopping site on the online selling site you will be presented with many varied choices. Apart from the many varied choices, you will also get attractive offers. You will be given a lot of discounts every month, besides the discount you will also get abundant cashback.

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You just look at the catalog on the online shopping site, then do the transaction correctly, the goods will be delivered to your home very safely, because will choose a delivery expedition that does have very good quality too. Come on, hurry and open the online shopping site happy shopping.

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