Play immediately! Here it is Skyler FF Garena who is included in the top 5 great characters

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Skyler FF Garena Characters and How to Get Them ||

Flashtik – G.ame Free Fire is a popular game that has been widely played in Indonesia. Especially since the launch of the new character skyler FF Garena. So that many are curious about how to get it.

Free Fire is a game that carries a concept battle royale which can be played via a smart phone. Moreover, there is the skyler character FF Garena which is a new character but few know about it. Of course, this caused many to wonder what this character really was

FF Garena’s Skyler Characters and How to Get Them

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Please note that Free Fire often holds events and updates the game by providing several features and creating new characters. One of them is the skyler character created from a collaboration between Garena and a Vietnamese artist named Son Tung MTP.

Curious about this character? The following is the review.

Skyler FF Garena characters

Before being released in Indonesia, previously this character was first introduced in several countries. Namely Vietnam, India and Brazil. This character has long been awaited by all Free Fire fans because his skills are unique.

This skyler character is a must-have for every player. Because some say that his skills are included in the list of the five greatest characters in the Free Fire game. It’s no surprise that this character has long awaited his presence in Indonesia.

How to get Skyler

It’s not hard to get this character. Free Fire players only have to follow a few event top up diamond that is being held at the moment. To top up it doesn’t require too much, just 140 diamonds.

The event to get this character also has a limited time. That is March 27 to April 02, 2021. For easy top up, just fill it with Garena vouchers, Google Play Store, or Free Fire diamond reseller.

Those are some reviews about the latest character named Skyler FF Garena which has been launched for some time in Indonesia. Hopefully the reviews above can provide enlightenment with this character. Due to limited time, join the event immediately if you want the newest Skyler character.

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