Paleolithic Bundle Free Fire: Hurry Claim Redeem Code With These 5 Stages

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Flashtik – At the end of the year more and more gamers who joined the game Free fire. So that many prizes were distributed, including Paleolithic Bundle Free Fire. Game made by Garena, held many events with abundant prizes.

Released in 2018, now Free fire becomes battle royal game which is mandatory on cellphone each. With a maximum player of 50 people, making it safe from the risk of being hit bugs or lag. All the advantages that exist make the game feel interesting. No wonder who downloaded this game more and more.

One of the prizes that are coveted by many players is Paleolithic Bundle. Bundle This looks unique because it resembles Indian clothing and can be worn when fighting. But not everyone can find out the redeem code, so only a handful of players can get it bundle the.

How to get Paleolithic Bundle Free Fire

Pin de Universo Paralelo en Free Fire (Minha conta)

For the gamers who are interested in getting set bundle This is rare by redeeming the code. The redeem code that will be shared can be exchanged with Paleolithic Bundle Free Fire. However, this code must be claimed immediately not to expire. Here’s how.

  1. Enter the redeem free fire site.
  2. You can already enter the site, log in with an ff account that is already connected to a social media account. Be it Facebook, Google or other social media.
  3. Type this code to redeem FF7MUY4ME6SC
  4. Click confirm
  5. Automatic gifts Paleolithic Bundle be yours.

Guide Changing Vault Character With Paleolithic Bundle

When you have succeeded in getting bundle these, para gamers also can change clothes or Vault. As for how to replace Vault by using Paleolithic bundle can be done in the following steps.

  1. Open the Free Fire Game
  2. select Vault or equipment
  3. Next select the fashion section
  4. Here, players can customize all their fashion needs such as glasses, bags, shoes, masks, or clothes. Then changed to sets Paleolithic bundle.
  5. Done. Just left the menu Vault then showed off to fellow Free Fire players.

Here’s how and how to get it Paleolithic Bundle Free Fire. Immediately exchange the Redeem code mentioned above. Do not be late!

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