Oxygen Drinking Water vs Plain Water, Which is Better?

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Among chiropractic care, energy drinks, and muscle creams, there are many treatments and products targeted at athletes and active people alike. These products claim to offer solutions for chronic injuries and low energy levels. One of them is oxygen drinking water products.

Oxygenated drinking water is a product of water which is added with oxygen during the canning or bottling process. The company claims that supplemental oxygen can provide health benefits. Examples include helping exercise recovery, removing toxins from the body, and increasing alcohol metabolism. However, evidence to support this benefit is limited.

Oxygen Drinking Water Study Found No Benefits for Exercise

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American Council on Exercise did not find any benefit in this product for heart rate and blood pressure.

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According to the researchers, there are only two ways to carry oxygen in the blood, either bound to hemoglobin or dissolved in plasma. In most people, hemoglobin is already 97 to 98 percent saturated with oxygen.

In addition, according to a 2006 study in British Journal of Sports Medicine, oxygenated water failed to show any additional benefit in exercise performance and recovery, and the authors note that such claims are not serious.

There is no scientific evidence to support that drinking oxygenated water can increase the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream. Exercise researcher John Porcari, Ph.D., attributes any benefit users feel to the placebo effect, as well as the true benefits of staying well hydrated before, during and after exercise. As a result, drinking plain water will have the same benefits.

Potential Benefits of Drinking Oxygenated Water

Studies on oxygenated water are limited, but there is research that it may have some benefits.

Can increase lactate clearance

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During sustained moderate to high intensity exercise for more than 10 seconds, your body produces lactate as a byproduct of energy production.

If you exercise at high intensity for more than 10 seconds, your body will produce lactate. When lactate starts to build up, the muscles will experience an increase in acid and cause muscle fatigue. Therefore, for a longer workout, lactate clearance and muscle acidity are important factors.

A study from Journal of The International Society of Sports Nutrition found that 25 runners who drank oxygenated water during exercise experienced increased lactate clearance. However, no other improvement in exercise performance was noted.

Considering this is only a single study, more research is needed in this regard. However, there is no harm in trying oxygenated water.

Can increase alcohol metabolism

Another benefit of drinking oxygenated water is its ability to increase alcohol metabolism.

When you consume alcohol, your stomach and small intestine absorb the alcohol. Alcohol. Then the alcohol goes to the liver, where it is metabolized through a series of reactions that require large amounts of oxygen.

Therefore, one of the side effects of alcohol metabolism can be a deficit of oxygen in the liver.

Journal Clinics in Liver Disease found in 15 healthy men that the oxygen dissolved in the drink was able to accelerate the decrease in blood alcohol levels after drinking a lot of alcohol.

However, further research is needed to observe the ability of oxygenated water to increase alcohol metabolism.

Based on the article above, there are still very few studies that state that oxygenated water has a positive impact on the body. There’s nothing wrong with trying oxygenated drinking water, but don’t rely on drinking water to provide certain health benefits.

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