Ocash Money Making Apk 2021, Here’s How to Register and Play It

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If you are looking for an application that can earn you without the need to spend any capital at all, then the money-making Ocash Apk is the answer.

The application launched by Fine Technology has just been launched. Precisely on July 12, 2021. Even so, there are already more than 50 thousand users who have used this application.

To use this money-making Ocash Apk application, you can download it first through the Playstore. After that, register to be able to make money here

How to Register and Use Ocash Money-Making Apk

Ocash Money Making Apk 2021, Here's How to Register and Play It

Like the money-making applications that we have often reviewed, Ocash Apk also requires you to complete missions first. After the mission is complete, later you will get points that can be collected and used as money.

Before we continue to review how to complete the missions in this application, register first. The method is as follows:

  1. Download and install Ocash app first on your phone ponsel
  2. Register by filling in: Username, name, password and email
  3. After all the data is deemed correct, click the Register button
  4. Done. Now you are a member of this application.

After you successfully register, it’s time to make money from the missions provided by this application.

There are many missions that this app presents and all of them are worth a certain amount of points. Such as, filling out surveys, installing applications, inviting friends and also playing a game games.

A user gets the same mission and does not differ from one another.

The most important thing about this app is, you don’t need top up or make a deposit to play. So, this will not cost you a single penny.

As for some ways to use this application to make money are as follows:

  1. To get daily points, please click Daily Checkin then Proceed
  2. Complete the mission given by clicking CpaLead, Wannads or Kiwi Wall. Here you will get list mission. Complete all the given missions according to the instructions
  3. Get free points. Click Spin & Win, then do the spin
  4. Invite friends. Click the menu at the top of the left eleven. Then select the Invite & Earn Points menu. Share the invitation link or referral code with your friends

Withdraw Money on Ocash Money Maker Apk

If you have accumulated as much as 1000 points or the equivalent of Rp. 10,000, you can actually make withdrawals cash.

The money earned can be withdrawn via OVO, Dana, Gopay, or it can also be used as credit.

To be able to withdraw money, all you have to do is press the Redeem button, then select the withdrawal method you want. After that, enter your e-wallet number or phone number.

That’s the explanation about the money-making Ocash Apk. May be useful

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