O2 Meter Application on Android, Is It Really Accurate?

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Advances in technology provide convenience in all fields. As currently, the O2 meter application appears on Android. That said, the application can help us monitor health conditions.

Since the pandemic broke out in Indonesia, attention to personal health has increased in the community. Starting from learning what Covid 19 is, to finding out the symptoms. One of the signs of someone being exposed to the virus is a decrease in oxygen levels in the blood to below 95.

Well, the presence of the O2 meter application, of course, gives a breath of fresh air. Those who do not have an oximeter, start considering this application. However, is the function the same? Is it accurate?

O2 Meter Application Functions on Android

O2 Meter Application Functions on Android

The function of the O2 meter application is actually not the same as the oximeter. It is used to measure oxygen levels in the blood. This makes it easier for us to monitor health conditions.

An oximeter is usually used at the fingertips to calculate oxygen levels. You can also get the benefits of this oximeter through the O2 meter application on Android.

You just need to download this application to your android phone. How to use it is quite easy. Place your fingertip on the camera sensor. Wait a while, and the results will come out.

However, unfortunately the O2 meter application cannot be used on all android phones. The complete lack of features in the phone makes this application not work. That’s because the heart rate sensor is only present in certain types of phones.

What You Can Do in the O2 Meter App

In this application, you can measure the oxygen level in the blood continuously. The calculation is also fairly fast. In addition, the O2 meter application provides a graphing feature. You can monitor the graph of oxygen levels in the blood in the body. Each measurement, its detailed data is stored in the application.

The measurement range is around 70%-100% for SPO2. Meanwhile, to measure the heart rate around 30-190 bpm.

The app is free with a measurement limit of three to five times a day. Use paid features, if you want to use them as often as possible. Or you can buy the app via IN-APP.

Please note, this application is only useful on certain types of Samsung phones. Among them are the Samsung Galaxy S6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. It can also be on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, 5, to 9 Edge. Maybe it can be in other, more sophisticated Samsung.

Is O2 Meter App Accurate on Android?

Some reviews say the results are almost the same as the oximeter. If O2 meter app on android shows a decline in health, immediately consult a medical professional.

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