Notnot Viral, Video With Indecent Pose Circulating

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For Free Fire players, the name Notnot must be familiar. He is brand ambassador Evos esport and also a gamers, and content creator TikTok. Recently, there was some unpleasant news from this beautiful girl. He’s going viral because of an inappropriate case.

Notnot, whose real name is Lidiawati, is also a Free Fire player. He was lined up to be brand ambassador Evos since 2020.

Then, what is the problem that Notnot is viral in cyberspace?

Maybe some of you already know about the case that is hitting Notnot. There are photos of him with his appearance with indecent poses scattered in cyberspace.

This makes Notnot have to provide clarification to get rid of the oblique accusations against him.

Notnot Viral Due To Inappropriate Photos

Notnot Viral Due To Inappropriate Photos

Notnot went viral because a video went viral with inappropriate poses. The video contains many photos with faces that look like him.

The video is not only circulating on Tiktok, where he became content creator and have followers a lot. In fact, the video has been widely circulated on Instagram and Facebook.

This of course makes gamer this is awkward. His career is really at stake if he just let this video circulate.

Therefore, to block this untrue news, he made a clarification on a Youtube channel TIKTOK ESPORTS ID. You can watch the clarification video via this link

In the channel Youtube, Notnot explained and confirmed that the woman’s photo was not her figure. It was just a prank by irresponsible people who edited his face and placed it on another very vulgar image.

Even so, the viral Notnot with a video showing his face in an inappropriate pose has already spread widely. In fact, there are many accounts that parody the poses in the video for fun or to boost the fame of something that is currently viral.

In fact, on TikTok itself the trend of “I wish I didn’t look like Evos Notnot” is so hot. Lots content creator with a Notnot-like face popping up.

Supposedly, with the release of a clarification regarding the viral Notnot, the problem had ended there. However, there are still many who still talk about this.

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