New Snack Video Event 2021, Complete All Missions Immediately!

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New Snack Video Event 2021

Flashtik – Ever heard of the Snack Video app? Now there is another new Snack Video event which must be completed in order to earn a commission. If you successfully complete all missions, the coins you get will reach 15 million coins for this Snack Video. Very tempting, right?

Snack Video is actually an application that presents various funny videos and provides information. But in early 2021, Snack Video started giving missions to the audience, each mission will earn points. There are three kinds of missions, starting from login, watch videos, and invite friends.

New Snack Video Events and Missions

There are still the same three missions as the previous one, but the second mission in the form of watching videos has been changed. New Snack Video event this time requires the user to complete the first mission in the form of a mission login Snack Video. The second is inviting friends and the third is sharing daily activities.

All missions given by Snack Video are very easy to complete. So it’s a shame to pass it up without taking advantage of it. Plus there is an offer of 15 million coins worth of prizes that can be achieved if all missions are completed.

When Does the Snack Video Event Start?

This is the reason the Snack Video application is declared illegal by the OJK - Gizmologi

The latest Snack Video event will be divided into three rounds. The first round has started since the 2nd of April yesterday and will end on the 8th. While the second and third rounds of events are still not certain when it will start. But there are always the latest notifications on the Snack Video homepage.

How to Complete Missions

Notification when the next round starts is always displayed on the Snack Video homepage. So now just focus on how to complete the various missions given. For those of you who are new to completing a mission, follow the steps below.

  1. Enter the Snack Video application then click the coin button on the Snack Video main page.
  2. There will be missions that must be completed immediately to get coins.
  3. Click the ‘invite friend’ option button then share the code you get with all your friends.
  4. Press the button again share to share all activity.
  5. Complete the final mission as a finale.

That’s how to complete the mission at the new Snack Video event. The more you use your invitation code, the more coins you will get. Good luck.

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