MSME Online Queue List, Get Aid Disbursement Time Schedule

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Since the Covid 19 outbreak hit, to help the community the government has intensively held BPUM MSMEs or better known as BLT MSMEs. You can register the MSME online queue through the official BRI website.

On July 19, 2021, the government again opened registration for the 3rd stage of BLT MSMEs. To be able to experience this assistance, you must first be registered as a recipient. Therefore, do the MSME online queue list.

MSME Online Queue List

MSME Online Queue List

With the MSME BLT program, the government hopes that people affected by Covid 19 can be helped.

However, different from the first stage, this third stage of registration of BLT recipient participants cannot go directly to the bank that disburses these funds.

Especially after the Corona Virus is increasingly spreading with new, vicious variants. Registration must be done online on line. The purpose of making online registration on line Of course to avoid crowds.

Please note, every day the bank also imposes restrictions on customers who can withdraw assistance. Those of you who have registered as BLT recipients can take the queue on line for immediate disbursement.

As for how to register the MSME online queue is as follows:

  1. Go to the official website of Bank BRI or click this link
  2. On the boxed menu orange, click on the BPUM button bagian
  3. Check whether you are registered as a MSME BLT recipient or not. The trick is to enter the ID number in the column provided and fill in the verification code. Then click the Process Inquiry button
  4. If your name is registered, you can go to the next stage. Fill in the origin of the city you are in in detail. Such as mentioning the origin of the province, district and BRI work unit
  5. Enter the verification code again, then press Reservation Process.
  6. A reference code will appear as proof that you have made a reservation.
  7. To save our reservation code, please click the Print button to download.

Conditions for Disbursing MSME BLTLT

As for how to disburse your aid funds, it’s actually not difficult. After pocketing the reservation letter on line, you just have to come according to the time specified on the proof of reservation that you have downloaded.

For other conditions, you must also bring some important letters, such as:

  • ID card, ATM and BRI savings book
  • Statement letter from the local village or village
  • Bring proof of notification that you are a MSME BLT recipient or MSME BPUM

This is an explanation of the MSME online queue list. May be useful.

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