Missed calls from Shopee, this is what it means

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Missed Calls From Shopee

Flashtik – Shopee is a fairly large shopping application in Indonesia. Have you ever had a missed call from Shopee? Sometimes there are missed call records because the cellphone settings are indeed muted. So you don’t know if there is an incoming call.

Shopee was founded in 2009, with headquarters in Singapore. In 2015, then the company Startup this was introduced to the public. Since then Shopee’s prestige has gone up, along with the many attractive promos for its users.

Meaning Of Missed Calls From Shopee

Shopee: A Perspective From Indonesia (NYSE: SE) |  Seeking Alpha

There are several reasons that cause people to choose fashion silent for their cell phone. As a result, missed calls from Shopee it was only discovered after having had time to check the cellphone. This clearly made the owner of the number curious and even wondering.

This curiosity also made the owner of the number try to call back the Shopee number. But usually the redials will no longer be connected, either by regular telephone or via WhatsApp. While they were already enthusiastic, they thought there was a surprise waiting for them.

Shopee itself often holds lucrative prize programs. The wearers have the opportunity to get various attractive prizes. This reason is also why more and more people choose to use Shopee. Coupled with free postage promos that apply to all regions of Indonesia.

Reasons to Call From Shopee

As an appreciation for the enthusiasm of customers who are always loyal to shop using Shopee. The company provides various promos with the aim of pleasing its users. Including by creating an event with a prize of 100 million.

So the missed call is not a real phone call. But notifications to watch Shopee shows live deals 100 million. Notifications are intended for all users in order not to miss the event that takes place.

This notification is also an opportunity to get a prize money of 100 million. Click on the call and then immediately go to the Shopee account to witness the draw live. Anyone can be a winner because the event takes place regularly live.

The explanation above explains why there were missed calls from Shopee. Don’t miss this opportunity, because you may be the lucky one to get the main prize. Good luck.

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