Minimalist 2 Door Wardrobe Product Inspiration

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For those of you who like minimalist designs, choosing a minimalist 2-door wardrobe product for storing clothes is the right choice to do. Besides being able to be used as a means to store your fashion collections, minimalist wardrobe products will not consume too much of the space you have.

Even though there are currently many different types of wardrobes with minimalist sizes on the market, you should still be careful and careful in choosing the appropriate wardrobe product. In addition to paying attention to the problem of storage capacity, it never hurts to pay attention to the appearance of the design it has so that the interior decoration of your room becomes even more fit and also orderly.

Inspirational 2-door minimalist wardrobe products that you can consider

For those of you who are still confused about choosing wardrobe products, here are some recommendations for minimalist 2-door wardrobes that you can consider to fulfill your collection storage needs. fashion that you have.

1. Kirana London Swing 2 Door Wardrobe

Kirana London Swing 2 Door Wardrobe

The first wardrobe product recommendation you can consider is Kirana London Swing 2 Door Wardrobe. This product, which has relatively large dimensions, 110 x 60 x 240 cm, is also equipped with 2 long hanging clothes rails. With this clothes hanger you can hang a number of clothing collections such as shirts, blazer, coat and so on neatly.

In addition, there are also drawer rails that can be used to store trousers or ties to your liking. not to forget, there is also 1 drawer that can be used to store your valuables. Wardrobe products are made with MDF material so that it is quite sturdy and durable. The modern design and classic wood colors will add to the beautiful appearance of this wardrobe.

2. Kirana Camelia

Kirana Camellias 2 Doors Wardrobe

A recommendation for a minimalist 2 door wardrobe product that is no less beautiful to consider is Kirana Camelia 2 Door Wardrobe. With a modern and minimalist design, it will make this wardrobe look more artistic and aesthetic in the room you have.

A wardrobe product that is equipped with a level shelf for storing folding clothes and a hanger that can be used as a clothes hanger will make the storage process of your clothing collection tidier and also more organized. As a complement to its minimalist design, this wardrobe is also equipped with doors and drawers complete with locks so you can store valuables more safely.

3. Kis 65x45x182 Cm – Gray

Kis Wardrobe 2 Doors 65x45x182 Cm – Gray

If you want to find a minimalist 2-door wardrobe product that has quite a lot of storage capacity, Kis Wardrobe 2-Door 65x45x182 Cm – Gray can be a pretty recommended choice. By using this wardrobe, you can store clothes after ironing more easily.

The product, which is equipped with 5 storage compartments, is able to withstand a fairly heavy load so that besides being able to be used as a place to store clothes, it can also be used to put a number of other household items. Equipped with 2 swing doors, it will keep your collection in the cupboard safe from dust and dirt.

4. Nolden

Nolden 2 Door Wardrobe

If you want to put a minimalist 2-door wardrobe in the bedroom, the 2 Door Wardrobe Nolden product is the right choice for you to consider. Its minimalist and modern design makes this product very suitable for use as a clothes storage container because it has ample space capacity and is also accompanied by a hanger in the wardrobe.

5. Pacey 2 Door Wardrobe

Pacey Wardrobe 2 Doors

The recommendation for minimalist 2-door wardrobe products that you can consider next is the Pacey 2-Door Wardrobe. In addition to its minimalist design, this wardrobe is also equipped with storage racks and hanger rails so you can store clothes, pants, coats, dress, and so forth.

Having wardrobe collections with minimalist designs can be the right solution for those of you who want a modern style storage area for clothes. If you want to have a minimalist 2-door wardrobe collection, now you don’t need to be confused because Ruparupa is here as a place to fulfill your equipment needs. is an online store that provides a wide collection of household appliances and your lifestyle. In this place, you can find various collections of equipment for home decorating needs, kitchen utensils, and also various collections of wardrobes of various sizes.

Apart from having a fairly complete product collection, the price offered is relatively affordable with sufficient quality. Through platform Ruparupa online shopping, you no longer need to be confused about choosing a comfortable and quality shopping place. Also get the quality products above only at Ruparupa while supplies last.

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