Mindhsare New Money Making Apk, Safe Or Not?

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Mindhsare Apk is one of the money-making applications, including recently launched. How to get money from the application is also easy, just by liking, subscribing, and following the given social media. Like Youtube, Tik Tok, and Instagram. Follow along how to make money from the application.

How to Start Mindhsare Apk to Make Money

Mindhsare New Money Making Apk

Mindhsare application will not be found on Play Store or App Store. While the application can be downloaded via a link. Click the link and a new member registration form will appear.

Anyone can register with Mindhsare Apk. To make it easier when registering, here are the steps for registering in the Mindhsare application.

  1. Click the Mindhsare application registration site on the link https://www.00001nu.com/primary/navy/index.html
  2. Continue by entering a mobile number that is still active.
  3. A code from the site will appear. The code is a verification to be able to register.
  4. Create a new password and fill it in for the Mindhsare application.
  5. Finally, fill in the Mindhsare application invitation code. The invitation code is from someone else, while the code is 6038707564.
  6. Continue by clicking the Register Now button, finally being able to become a member of the Mindhsare application.

How to Use the Mindhsare Application to Make Money Fast

After registering as a member of the Mindhsare app, it’s time to make money from the app. The only way is to like and subscribe to a video from Youtube, Instagram, and Tik Tok.

When you first register as a member, your status is an ordinary member. Mindhsare will give missions to normal members as much as 3 in one day. While the expiration period for ordinary members is 4 days.

When it’s up, you have to top up to choose a membership level. Such as Anchor, Youtuber, and Idol. The lowest level, namely Anchor, has a price of around 600 thousand, while the highest is Idol with a price of 3 million. The higher the level, the bigger the profit.

The number of recent money-making applications often includes fraudulent applications. Including this Mindhsare Apk. At first it will pay off right, but at the end of the trip it will be deceiving. If you don’t want to be deceived, look for an application that has been registered with the OJK. While the Mindhsare application is not registered with the OJK. May be useful.

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