Meaning of cat tails, get to know your cat’s mood!

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Cats use their tail movements, along with their eyes, ears and posture, to communicate. Understanding the meaning of a cat’s tail will help you better understand how a cat feels.

You can read your cat’s body language to determine how it feels about certain interactions and to identify situations or environments that make the cat happy or cause fear. Reading the language of the cat’s tail can also help identify illness and pain more easily.

Let’s look at the following explanation to better understand what your cat feels.

Cats Smack Their Tails on the Floor

When a cat is thrashing its tail, or knocking it to the ground, this is a sign that it is feeling irritated or angry. He wanted to let him know that something was bothering him.

This behavior indicates that they need distance. In other words, if you are petting a cat and the cat starts wriggling its tail, they code to stop. If not, the cat has the potential to growl, slap, or bite.

Tail Tip Twitching

cat twitched the end of the tail
source: YouTube

When the cat moves the end of its tail, there are two possibilities, one of which is that the cat is hunting or playing. Another possibility is that he is upset and frustrated.

You can look at the situation around the cat to find out mood your cat. If they are not playing, the tail moves a sign that they are upset.

Wagged Cat Tail

cat wagging tail
source: YouTube

When a cat moves its entire tail (not just the tip) slowly from side to side, it is focusing on a certain object, such as an insect or a toy. This gesture counts more because it indicates that the cat is interested in something and is probably preparing to pounce.

According to the Arizona Humane Society, this side-to-side movement is usually combined with an upright posture, straight legs, and stout, upward-pointed ears (the preferred position for hunting).

Standing Cat Tail Fur

standing cat tail fur

You can tell when a cat is scared or feels threatened by standing up on its fur. One posture that signifies a need for distance is a silhouette in which the cat’s spine is curved and the hair is straight along the back and bottom of the tail.

Cats do this to prevent potential threats because they lack the confidence to stare at and attack others.

The Cat’s Tail Tucked Under Her Body

tucked cat tail
source: YouTube

If your cat’s tail is tucked tightly under her body, between her legs, it is likely that the cat is showing signs of fear, uncertainty, or surrender. There is something in the cat’s environment to make him uncomfortable. The Arizona Humane Society says when a cat does this with its ears sideways or backwards, the pupils dilated, and the body facing or close to the floor, it indicates nervousness.

If the ears are flat, the body is crouched, the mustache is back, and the hind legs are stretched out, it is probably a sign of defensiveness. In this case, the cat may meow, growl, hiss, or spit.

Tail Wrapped Around Your Body or Other Animal

cat's tail wrapped around another animal
source: YouTube

If a cat wraps its tail around you or another pet, this is a sign of friendship. According to the ASPCA, this is a distance reduction behavior, intended to “encourage social approach and interaction” and to “send a signal to others that the cat does not mean harm.”

You will probably hear snoring when this happens, especially if you pet a pet.

A Tail Wrapped Around Its Own Body

the cat's tail wrapped around its own body

There is a difference between a cat that holds its tail against its body while relaxing or sleeping, a cat that shows satisfaction, and a cat that hugs it tightly while crouching in defense. This may coincide with a hissing or other threatening sound, or a flat, pinched ear.

The pupil can dilate in a deadlock situation, allowing for a wider peripheral vision in anticipation of an impending attack. A cat can also take this position if it feels cold, as the fur on its tail helps keep its toes warm.

Trembling Cat’s Tail

You may see a cat’s tail shaking as it marks its territory. Urine marking is common in cats that have not been sterilized or neutered. The cat will retreat to a vertical surface, raise its tail high and spray the surface with urine, with its tail constantly shaking.

According to Humane Society, cats mark their territory as a way to deal with stress.

Upright Cat Tail

the cat's tail is perpendicular
source: YouTube

When a cat straightens its tail, it is almost certain to be happy. An upright, straight tail can be an expression of confidence, joy, or contentment. You will see this most often when you walk through the door after work or when a kitten greets its mother.

When a cat that doesn’t know each other displays this tail position, it means that they want to interact peacefully.

The cat’s tail is upright and vibrating

When a cat raises its tail straight in the air and shakes it rapidly at the base – an action akin to shaking, but not accompanied by spraying urine – this usually means they are pleased to see you.

Many cat owners report that their pets do this before they receive a meal or receive a treat. Cats with erect tails and trembling are usually friendly and easy to approach.

Cat’s Tail in a Low Position

cat's tail in a low position
source: YouTube

While some cats may let their tail hang loosely when relaxed, a tail that is low to the ground is more likely to display defensive, fearful, or anxious attitudes that can potentially lead to aggression.

Notice if this tail position coincides with a curved back, flat ears, or a rippled tail – this posture is meant to warn others to stay away.

Curved Cat Tail Like a Question Mark

cat tail curved like a question mark
source: YouTube

An erect tail with a notch at the end that resembles a question mark usually indicates kindness or cheerfulness, but it could also mean the cat is curious or unsure. The curve at the end of its tail could be an expression of alertness or a signal that the cat wants to spend time with you.

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