Living Room Wall Decoration Recommendations

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The living room wall decoration is a component that can help you create an attractive living room and also make it look less boring.

Guest house wall decoration is also a solution to decorate the house in an affordable way. When compared to wallpaper, decorating walls with living room wall decorations is much more affordable and also doesn’t bother you in terms of installation.

If you want a different and unique living room, let’s choose your own living room wall decoration and start decorating according to your wishes.

Living Room Wall Decoration Recommendations

The following are wall decoration recommendations for the living room that you can get at

1. Wall Decoration with Coffee

Arthome Wall Hanging With Succulents 73 29.8x4x16 Cm

Coffee is a very interesting theme and is liked by many people in Indonesia. The wall decoration with coffee gives a fresh impression and also gives the impression of a more vintage and younger living room.

Wall decoration with the concept of a cup of coffee is very suitable to be placed near the dining room or in the living room to welcome guests. They will feel very warmly welcomed by looking at the wall decoration with the picture of the coffee.

There are many types of wall hangings with a coffee theme ranging from conceptual wall hangings such as watercolor paintings or coffee wall hangings with a vintage concept. Choose according to the design of your home and don’t forget to adjust the size according to the size of your living room.

2. Flower wall decoration

Wall Decoration 31 Cm Topiary E210-2

Flowers are a concept that is liked by many people, especially women. The usual flower sounds boring but with an interesting concept so that it not only looks more classic but also looks more modern and vintage.

There are many types of wall hangings with the concept of flowers, such as wall hangings with monotonous flower concepts or colorful concepts like classic 60s wall hangings.

Using wall hangings with the concept of flowers will make the living room more beautiful and also more colorful, perfect for girls.

3. Wall decoration in the form of writing

Umbra 30.5 × 30.5 Cm Lets Stay Home Wall Decoration

The concept of writing on the wall looks simple but is able to attract all the impressive things to your living room home.

Wall decoration with a unique and creative writing concept is fun to look at and not too overwhelming. If you like wall hangings that don’t give too many colors or accents then this is the right choice.

There are many choices of writing on When you have a wall decoration in the form of writing, there are various kinds of options available to suit your living room.

4. Chalkboard wall decoration

Wall Decoration 23x22x25 Cm Bubble Board – Gold

Do you remember the black blackboards in schools? Indeed, now most schools use white chalkboards with markers but there is nothing wrong with using black chalkboards for other purposes that are more intense and also rustic such as wall decoration.

This small black chalkboard wall decoration gives off a classic impression and also gives off an impression that is not too overwhelming.

If you like bohemian or industrialist concepts this is the right choice for you.

Besides being able to decorate the walls of your living room from this black board, the writing can also be changed according to your wishes. Don’t forget to clean it regularly using soap and water so that the surface will be more durable and won’t fade quickly.

5. Wooden wall decoration

Wall Decoration 17.8x38x4 Cm Kitchen Board

Wood is indeed an accent that is never boring and also never left behind in the household decoration process.

Wood is an environmentally friendly material that is easy to shape and also gives a strong vintage impression. There are various types of wood, one of which is thin plywood. Now this wood is not strong enough to be a piece of furniture, but it is very good for a wall decoration. Anything that is painted on the plywood will look both charming and classic, giving your living room a rustic feel. If you are a vintage devotee, of course, a wooden wall decoration will be very suitable for you. This wooden wall decoration gives a simple and warm impression in the house.

Those are the various kinds of living room wall decoration recommendations that will be very suitable for you. You can choose the best wall decoration at Ruparupa provides a wide selection of beautiful and attractive decorations. Choose decorations according to your wishes and make the house more attractive and more inviting for everyone.

Editor: Ariel Natasya

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