Interested in getting free items on the site? Better, First Find Out the Truth

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Behind the truth you can get free items at ||

Flashtik – Have you ever heard of Reportedly, this site provides facilities that cannot be missed by fans of the Free Fire game. This site claims, that they are able to make users take items that exist in this game for free. Including items of weapons, shoes and clothes for the avatar.

This one game has really been loved in recent years. Those who are crazy about playing this game are even willing to spend quite a bit of money to complete their avatar attributes. Of course, this fulfillment is by making payments with diamonds which must be topped up first.

As we know, diamond top up is not free. There are funds that you have to spend to get this diamond. Diamond prices vary. Starting from hundreds of thousands, to millions. It depends on what item you want to buy.

Is it true that the Site Can Give Items for Free?

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The presence of the site is like a breath of fresh air for those who have limited funds or are reluctant to spend money to buy diamonds. Moreover, this site dares to claim that it is able to provide items in the Free Fire game for free.

Who doesn’t love something free, right? Especially for something that is really coveted.

However, is it true that really offers something for free?

If we visit the site, we will be presented with various images that represent items in the Free Fire game.

You will be prompted to select these items, according to what you want without being limited. After making the selection by clicking on the item, you will be directed to log in to Facebook. You are required to enter your email and password to log in to Facebook.

But unfortunately, this is just a fake. It’s just a display that the site owner likens to get your social media login.

If you get stuck, your Facebook account can be used for things you don’t want or just disappear.

In that sense, the site only does phishing. So it is very dangerous for anyone who gets it. It is not impossible, your account is used to do something illegal.

So, do you still trust the site? We recommend that you do something reasonable in playing games. Winning with sportsmanship is more proud of, than having to be caught up in something dangerous. May be useful.

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