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If you’re looking for a new way to decorate a blank wall or something new to add to your gallery walls, consider making a decorative wall stick.

decorative plants

A living wall is basically a wall covered in living plants, whether you attach them to individual planters or assemble together to create living works of art.

Living walls have the benefit of not only being beautiful and attractive, but they can also purify the air, reduce stress, and even dampen background noise in your room. How can you make a decorative wall stick? Here’s an example:

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Living Room Kitchen Walls

If you are lucky enough to have a lot of light in your kitchen, consider a living wall with ornamental plants from the sparkling life. A living wall that makes this statement features an array of leafy greenery as a lovely backdrop to a room with a neutral tone.

When deciding to install a living wall, consider plants that require similar care, as you will be watering and feeding them at the same time. Plants climb and meander like pothos or philodendron is a great choice that is easy to maintain.

Hanging Basket

A pretty plant wall uses wire baskets hanging from the wall to show off a variety of plants that you can easily care for like pothos. You can make this idea with almost any type of basket (don’t forget the plastic divider) and a few wall hooks.

This idea is also good for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a long time trimming and updating their living walls. One living wall that you attach to a wall takes a lot of patience and time to compensate, so viewing with individual potted plants may be easier for someone with a limited amount of time.

Your Office Workspace

Bringing greenery to your office is one of the best ways to brighten up your space and encourage higher productivity. Offices that have decorative wall decals prove that with vibrant walls, you don’t need more decorations.

Air plants like tillandsia is the right choice for office space because it does not require a lot of maintenance, but still looks beautiful if you arrange it together.

Abundant Plants

When setting up your own living wall, consider the spacing between each plant and make sure they have room to grow so that you won’t be re-looking after only a few months.

A Work of Art

You can make a decorative wall stick from a mixture of moss, air plants, and other greenery, this live wall is one of the most eye-catching.

When it comes to choosing a container for your living wall, think about what goes with your décor. Living walls you can make from wood, cork, metal and more, and can easily be designed to blend into the look and feel of your home.

Plant Pouch

This is a great way to hang a bunch of small plants from your wall without much effort. A variety of pockets are suitable for medium air plants or small planters you fill up with ivy, evergreen, or pothos.

Removing a fully installed modular system allows you to mix and match plants that require multiple watering and maintenance schedules, and replace easily if no plants survive.

stick to the wall

You can make living walls in various shapes and sizes. No matter how much natural light or how much space you have, there are ways to bring this trendy idea to your own home and personalize it to make it your own.

There are a number of fun and creative ways to bring plants to different areas of your home. It is best to combine the aesthetic beauty of greenery and / or flowers with plant functionality in a way that allows the plant not only to contribute to the appearance of the room but also to be useful.


By using a small planter, you can keep a variety of beautiful fresh herbs in your kitchen. This will not only beautify the room, but will also add new freshness to your cooking. Even better, it’s super easy to set up.

Using individual planters rather than a series of shelves, you can create a simple but interesting pattern that will allow you to use the plant not only as a cooking aid but as wall art as well.

Well Ruppers, now you know the inspiration for decorative plants that stick to the wall. Are you interested in decorating your home?

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